Jumping to the new generation w never so cheap. Microsoft h thrown the house through the Black Friday window with a reduction in the price of Xbox Series S that allows us to get the console in half of what a series X and 300 euros less than a PlayStation 5. Although less powerful although less powerful That the aforementioned, series s are able to run any exclusive game of them and also do so with great performance, partly because of how it is costing them to start the new generation games and the consequent lack of technical references.

With Xbox Series S we have a console for many years (only digital, yes, since series S h no reader) and a golden opportunity to discover and take advantage of the benefits of Xbox Game Ps (for sample, all the games that are added in November service). We leave you the price of the console in the different stores, in which it ranges between 229 and 249 euros, being able to fall even more in the next few days if they were to commit them.


  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros at Amazon
  • Xbox Series S for 249.90 euros in El Core Singles
  • Xbox Series S for 249.99 euros in FNAC
  • Xbox Series S for 229.99 euros in Game
  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros in Media Market
  • Xbox Series S for 242.98 euros in Components
  • Xbox Series S for 229 euros in Strife

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