• Game Name: Be a Star 2: Beta’s Knights

  • Genre: Belt Scroll MORPH

  • Service / Developer: undecided / flint

  • Yo: The sequel to the star 2: Beta’s Knights is a belt scroll MORPH with a dark atmosphere and heavy action with Flint’s delicate 2D graphics. Flint, who participated in the G-Star BTC, prepared 80 seats of 80 seats, including the PC and mobile version of ‘Be Star 2’.

Flint opened a big booth in G-Star and released ‘Be Star 2’ to users in earnest. The biggest surprise in the large-scale demonstration was the demonstration time. The demonstration of the general game show is usually set to 10 to 15 minutes by setting the amount of limited appearance, but it becomes a star. He showed a lot. Although the demonstration time of this G-Star entries is generally long, is it unique? As such, users who actually played the game meant more information about the game.

Unlike the previous work, ‘Be Star 2’ took the form of 2D belt scroll action games. The player, who died on the Game Worldview and the important events in history, lived in the protection of the goddess Beta Australia, and became the tenth article of Veda and the owner of the book and found the debris of the goddess scattered on the ground on the ground. You will experience.

The initial prologue of the game was a knight of the Beta who once saved the continent and the owner of the book of Death, but now illuminates the protagonist who participated in the Liberation Army in the period where the crazy king Magnus Bead stayed. In this process, the player can learn how to manually manipulate and how to use the skill, and feel the intense art style and dark atmosphere that he wanted to show in ‘Be Star 2’.

It becomes a star that can be felt in this process. Using this, I implemented the 2D animation as it is, and the style itself has been conveyed strongly. This improved art style is topped with a fairly immersive stage of the early tutorial story description stage that can be boring.

However, I thought there might be somewhat unfavorable for the action. Be a star 2, not a light and cheerful action, but a slightly slow and heavy action. There are basic attacks and avoidance functions, and there are skills that have a cooldown, and they use them to defeat the enemy. One more concept is stamina.

In particular, games called ‘Soul Lake’, which pursues difficulties, also adopted the stamina system, where the player must actively adjust the tempo of attack and avoidance. Therefore, it is highly likely to be exposed to the enemy’s attack that ignores the attack by surrounding the super armor. The avoidance is so fast and the judgment is good, but it is damaged because it is not rolled on time to spend stamina in a normal attack.


Even in such a formula, there is an infinitely generous existence. Even one mistake is exposed to battery attacks, so there is no cruel damage to death, but it still accumulates quite a bit of a cumulative. Overall, the operation and feeling are set to be set to play the game somewhat generously while limiting the stamina, which must maintain heavy and control the tempo.

This is probably a conscious direction of the multi-platform. Instead of thinking about manipulation through a PC, the manipulation feedback is a bit unfortunate and the virtual pad has to be used, so even if there is some manipulation miss on the mobile where some screen is forcibly hidden, is it a measure that can be adapted enough? On the contrary, it may be a star, but it may seem that this system is not attractive to users who feel too easy. Personally, I didn’t care much, but I think that the dislike will come out strongly.

At the end of the prologue, the player confronts the goddess Veda and acts as the tenth third article that experienced the background of the tree of death. From this point, the 10th ‘Book’ of the player will be able to record the power of other heroes. Through this, the player can strategically use various actions while changing the character.

In the PC demonstration version, three kinds of characters according to the initial story were basically used. Melee attacks, defense buffs, articles with assault skills, and ranged attacks, and archers that install automatic attack turrets. There are three characters. The basic specifications that can only be used during a certain gauge and cooldown in shifts were similar to other shift-type action games. As you change the characters, it is the main battle goal of 2.

In addition, I think there are two more things to point out as points. The first is to draw right away. The demonstration version was about a lot of the first chapter of the game, and the rituals of the tutorial and story were also included. You should watch until the final adjustment of the BM model is achieved, but the drawing at the point where the players catch the Literary (reset marathon) is the form of weapons and characters. Personally, I don’t care much because I don’t like or enjoy the drawing content, but I also noticed that I had a feeling that I felt that I had a lot of attention to the drawing.

The second is the story of the voice actor’s recording. In the previous work, it was not used by the voice actors, so there was a pity that the story flow itself was based on the text. From the prologue, the NPC, who died one second later with the weight of [Passing Soldier 1], was so concerned that it contained voice actors. The acting of the voice actors feel that the acting of the voice actors can further enhance the atmosphere of the game.

None of the users who played the previous work were to place elements to remember. Perhaps there are many users who think of ‘White Hell’ in the appearance of the goddess Beta, and in various terms and names, they have been dealt with weighted in previous works such as ‘Baden’ and ‘Bell Snow’. There are some users who think of their previous playable characters in the skills and attack motion of characters.

Overall, ‘be a star 2’ was clearly seen in the part that was unfortunate in the previous work, and it was considered a game that was well combined with the changes in the genre, but the attempt to make the strengths further. Although there is an attribute that seems to be unfavorable for action and operation, it did not have much gap with the animation. Art style, atmosphere, and animation are more trimmed than the previous one, making it a star.

The voice of the voice actors containing the acting of the whole body has become an element that increases the immersion of the game and makes the story more focused on the story. Obviously, the risk is a decision, but isn’t it that Plant wanted to show the game as it is to the users? As I showed the game as it was, I thought it would be fresh to get the evaluation, and I can expect the test build and the official version of the test based on the evaluation.