Call of Duty series’s next-generation free Battle Royal Game, Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 is released on the 17th, inviting the player to the thrilling action in the completely new Al March. War zone 2.0 offers a variety of gameplay through DMZ mode and other elements.


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 also celebrated its first season and added a new multiplayer battlefield and additional missions for the Special Ops.

War zone 2.0 shows a completely new experience named DMZ. In the DMZ, where the survival competition based on the narrative is based on the open world, the player’s operator squad fights to survive with the goal of escaping, completing the mission given as a camp, or performing an additional goal. You can freely choose and enjoy everything, such as engaging with an operator or artificial intelligence combatant, or a search war to get valuable items.

Gulag, which provides a chance to resurrect, is reorganized into a 2: 2 game that must be cooperated to overcome the opponent with two randomly paired people together. In addition, the artificial intelligence combatant (Jailer) will appear to be quick to the tempo of the battle during the confrontation. If you defeat the guards, all four will be resurrected, so whether four people will cooperate together to overpower the powerful guards, or will win the victory first by focusing on removing the other person.

The change in the third person player is a fundamental deformation of the basic framework of War zone Battle Royale, and it provides freshness that can be made of some new gameplay and visible tactics accordingly. The third-person playlist will be introduced into the Battle Royal Week rotation that comes during the season 01. Players who have purchased Modern Warfare II 2022 can also enjoy a third-person view on multiplayer.

In addition, War zone 2.0 is a custom loadout that can use more powerful firepower, a for body and a black site that can overpower artificial intelligence combatants and get valuable rewards Circle collapses that appear as a crisis, close-up in close distances, and close-ups that can be used as an opportunity, large helicopter (Heavy Chopper) and GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks Various new elements, such as the various vehicle equipment that can be made, and the possibility of underwater combat that can be swimmer by the waterway, the river, and the large sea, or by boat, and search and explore, the players have never been before. Provide it.

Modern Warfare II 2022 Season 01 also starts today, providing players with energetic battle. First, multiplayer is newly trimmed by the 2019 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare®, which was the most popular shooting range and the SHIPMENT battlefield. These two places are notorious for their dynamics, which are the same as the holy place for players who enjoy the stomach.

New tasks will also be made in the Spectral Cooperation Exhibition. In the High Ground mission, players must successfully find and destroy enemy communication servers and secure storage with important information. If one person controls the attack helicopter and eliminates dangerous mines, the rest of the operator will be tightened to attack with an AI fighter. In addition, during the season, Raid comes to the story of the Modern Warfare II 2022 campaign. It is expected to be the ultimate test for assessing the skills of the player squad by combining hidden, full-scale war, and puzzle grass.

Various equipment, content and events are also abundant. The Battle Pass system, which has been transformed into a nonlinear multiple sector, can unlock more than 100 abundant item compensation, including functional weapons and six new operators that were available in the campaign, according to each player desired.