On the 16th (16th), the “ Aviation Age Origin ” achieved four crowns at the 2022 Korea Game Awards.

The ‘Age Origin’ won the Grand Prize, Game Business Innovation Award, Technology and Creative Award at the Korean Game Awards. In addition to the successful game development, the game was recognized for its development by promoting development and achieving more than 10 billion won in sales through collaboration with global companies.

We will continue to be a good developer by creating a business model that can be coexisted with users in the future, said Motif Lee. I think I received it. I will do my best to make a better game in the future.

Subsequently, in the first prize, I was able to stay here because the user helped me. I’m preparing a gift to return the help from the user. I’m getting a 100-day service, and I’m preparing for related updates and events.


Meanwhile, the ‘Sea Age Origin’, which is serviced by Line Games and developed by motifs, is a navigation game jointly developed to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sea Series against Joe Tech Mo Games. In order to enhance the emotions that could be felt in the original work, the 16th-century major ports and ships were reproduced, and the maritime contents were built based on big Data collected from all over the world, including wind, wind speeds, and birds, and became the No. 1 popular game in both markets in one day. It has received a lot of attention, including achieving.