Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is here, and there is a lot of content for fans to discover and get an advantage over competition. For all gun enthusiasts, a new mechanics were implemented to help the class a little more viable in situations. This mechanic is called a gun change and, in case you have lost it, this is what you should know about it. Pistol change and how to do it in Modern Warfare 2.

What is gun exchange?

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The exchange of gun is a new mechanics introduced in Modern Warfare 2 . With the exchange of guns, you can get your high school at any time, which allows you to stand firm against the approaching opponents.

During the last 15 years or more, great multiplayer advice of COD to know is the difference in the times of change and equipment when you take out your secondary weapon in a hurry. When you equip a gun as a secondary school, change to that weapon will be remarkably faster than if you run another primary or a pitcher like secondary. Knowing this is key; If someone is pushing you, and you find little ammunition, take out your gun to keep it at bay or to put yourself back out of danger.

The change of gun is a faster version of this animation, since it allows you to get your high school while your primary is equipped. It has been getting used some time, and it is requires a gun accessory of your choice .

How to change gun

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To take advantage of gun change mechanics, you must connect a specific rear handle accessory to the gun of your choice. Here is the list of guns that can take advantage of this mechanics:

P890 : equip the fist Brien RSH-80 .
. 50gs : equip the gs.50 wooden grain
x12 / x13 Automatic : equip the Cronin Lima-6
Basilica : Equip the SO RO-99 .

Each of these grip requires that these secondary to unlock their attachments. After unlocking and equipping the attached file, Simply press the gun change key with the gun as secondary and you will have made a gun change.

That is all you need to know about Pistol change and how to perform the new mechanics in Modern Warfare 2 . We have a lot of related COD to help you conquer the battlefield, as the best advantages for each game style, our classifications of all Kill streaks or look at our modern Warfare 2 review.

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