Each character in Disney Dream light Valley has a special quest after you increase the level of friendship with it to level 10. In the case of Mickey Mouse, you will be instructed to find and unlock Secret door .

As hints, you will be given a photo for memory and riddle, but they will not help you like the next leadership. Read on to find out where the secret door in the game is and how to open it.

location of the secret door of Mickey

Although Mickey himself claims that this is a secret door, he does not tell us that she is hidden behind the curtain. The door itself is in the place where we least expect it-in a dream castle.

As soon as you enter the dream lock, if you go to the stairs on the right, and then to the right end of this staircase behind several small trees, you can see the door hidden behind the purple curtain.

how to open the secret door Mickey

Upon further examination of the door, you will notice that it is locked, and several precious stones are required to open it. In total, five precious stones are required to open the door, one of which is already inside. This makes us a little easier, since now we need to find only four precious stone.

Then Mickey will show you a memory and tell you another mystery, telling you about the other four precious stones. These precious stones can be found and obtained from mineral veins throughout the valley.

To open the door, you will need

1x Aquamarine: Dazzle Beach and Forest of Valor.
1x tourmaline: found in biomes of a sunny plateau and frosty heights.
1x Citric: Founds in the biomes of a sunny plateau and a clearing of trust.
1x pomegranate: found in biomes of peaceful meadows and Plaza.

As soon as you get all the necessary precious stones, return to the secret door in the dream lock and place them in the appropriate provisions to open it.

As soon as the door is open, talk with Mickey to complete the quest. He will reward you with an enchanting fountain. Then we can go inside the secret door and collect all the values from the chests that it contains.

Please note that there will also be a bookshelf. If you place a noticeable book inside this bookshelf, another secret entrance will open with an even larger number of chests!