The first League of Legends Women’s Championship is already taking place. IGN IS CUP is a milestone in community history, especially for the female community and LGBTQIA+, as tournaments welcome trans, transvestite and non-binary people . Among the classified teams is the triumph Kai (or triumph eSports) that recently qualified for the semifinals.

Remembering that the final of the championship will be played on November 12 , in São Paulo, and the winning team takes the prize of $80 thousand .

Line-Up of Kai Triumph

Top : Priscilla My Ranches (she/hers)
Top : Camila History Vernon (she/hers)
Jungle : Alice ” Lice ” Gaiella (she/hers)
Jungle : Isabela Irish Caetano (she/hers)
MID : Gaielle akin Almeida (she/hers)
ADC : Ana Chapel UGA (her/hers)
Support : Held Held Durer (she/hers)
Head Coach : Guilherme Lion Diana (he/his)
Assistant Coach : Arthur San Castro (he/his)
Strategic Coach : Bianca ‘Talonzinha’ Peasant (she/hers)
Analyst : Tamil Snark Timor (she/hers)

The Kai triumph changed his name (before was a liquid team) and, apparently, came to compete, as they qualified for the semifinals and will face Raised on November 4. We at MGG azil We interviewed the team members, and you can check the result below:

How did your interest in LOL’s competitive scenario emerged? How long have you participated in tournaments?

Held : My interest in the competitive scenario began in 2019, when, for the first time, I took Challenger and kept in ELO to Season Entire. In the same year I participated in my first qualify by the CNB base.

How was the process of setting up the team (Try Out, people already knew each other/were friends, other options)?

Hatter : Well, our team’s try out of a week and was attended by about 15 players. Basically rolled about 4 games where we were driving the teams. The players due to In House Jinx and other championships, but only had intimacy with some of them because we have worked together in previous teams.

How was the experience of going through the qualifiers and reaching the playoffs?

Hatter : So far, it was a peculiar experience, I would say, because preparation for the first qualify, for example, we had only 3 days when we made an intensive mega to correct our weaker points as quickly as possible Still, we managed to hit the larger teams, with more training time and took a high position in the table.

What are your expectations for teams? Which teams do you find stronger?

My : I hope the teams are very strong and prepared for this championship. The teams that I imagine will have a greater impact are the PAIN, due to all the history with great players and matches where they show total domain, And Rise, as they have been training together for a long time and this coexistence influences a lot at the time of the game.

LOL’s female competitive scenario has had other important moments before, but this is the first time Riot Games itself organizes something official. How do you see this moment of the scenario?

My : I see this moment as a milestone for us from the female scenario, because now it is clear that Riot is investing in us, and we will show that what they are doing will be worth it.
ISA : Just like me, many girls and people NB have been in this scenario for a long time. I always realized that even with a lot of effort, we didn’t have a clear goal, we didn’t know where it would take us, if it would take it to Something, because of this it was always difficult to find something more professional and consistent. But at this present moment I realize a significant improvement. Many projects have opened their doors so that we can evolve and show our game, show that we are also able to form a professional scenario. This is being the moment we wanted so much to grow with recognition and security.
Lice : It’s a first big step. It has always been my dream to be part of it and see a lot of future. That we can be seen, and even live on it. And it should only evolve more and more when the initiative comes from Riot itself, developer of the game.
Hatter : I see this moment as the great initial leap our scenario needs to be seen seriously.
HEALY : We are currently living something we always dream. An opportunity to show our families that we can live on the game we love so much. Riot is opening a gigantic opportunity, leaving dreams that were previously unreachable more Nearby. In addition, the inclusion of this championship is being amazing.

How was the team preparation for playoffs?

akin : It was difficult, the team was in a complicated moment, players without internet, with limited time, and we had to train a lot. But after the good result of the first qualifying I feel that it only depends on ourselves. We continue to train a lot
and striving for us so that we can present good games at GNIS.