These days Twitter has become a trend but not for positive reasons, since many users have chosen to move to other pages such as Mastodon Now that Elon Musk owns the platform. The first went from him was to want to collect $20 USD for the verification of users, and now, it is said that he has plans to add monetized videos in the Timeline.

According to what means media such as The Washington Post , the payment video function allows creators to charge for their content and gives Twitter a part of the rate. The internal emails provided also highlight legal compliance concerns, and the Twitter product trust team identified this as something high risk.

Monetization options include pre-established amounts, with options of $1, $2, $5 and $10 to unlock a video. Users can still interact with the content doing, but the video looks blurred until it is paid. Something that could be quite similar to the publications that are made in pages such as OnlyFans and more.

The report could not confirm whether the functionality was a project launched before or after Musk Buy Twitter , but this has not had objections to change things. In addition to those plans for a verification rate. To this would be added the part of using benefits if you want to pay for the blue popcorn.


There will be payment wall for editors willing to work with us.

Via: IG

Editor’s note: These types of decisions may be able to lead to people to stop following their creators, since it is not possible for the platform to lend for that. But at the end of the day it will be the users who decide whether Musk can continue with their plans or not. Since they can choose not to pay absolutely anything.