Neo pin (CEO Kim Highway), a blockchain company, signed a business agreement with the F2E (Fan to Earn) replacement token (NFT) platform ‘megabit’ and utilizes entertainment intellectual property (IP) It was announced on the 1st that it will strengthen one blockchain business.

The two companies are planning to use enter IP to lower the barriers to entry to the blockchain and expand the base. The company plans to cooperate throughout the business, including information exchange related to core technologies and services such as multichain network support, and expansion of token ecosystems.

Megabit, which is scheduled to be released in 4Q, is a service that distributes music content IP in NFT using blockchain technology. It is issued as NFT such as works using artist portraits and fan arts, and also supports mutual transactions through its own marketplace.

Megabit plans to build a F2E ecosystem that provides compensation to artists and fandoms, and for this purpose, Adviser Blue (RBW), which includes original words, Oh My Girl, and Mama mu, as well as Work Net, Content X, Studio Jam, Double UM Entertainment The company has signed a strategic partnership with nine companies, including DSP Media, ERA Entertainment, Beats Entertainment, and Jays Tom.

The two companies will conduct Neo pin Wallet integration after the service, and will also launch the Beat token-related Devi products later.

Neo pin is connecting and expanding the ecosystem with games, meth uses, services, and NFTs, centering on Devi services. Neo-Pin’s parent company Neo Fly is a subsidiary of Neo wiz Holdings.