In Korea, there are a lot of small and medium-sized game developers that we have never heard of. Many indie developers who are struggling and struggling to be ‘indie game jackpot’ are developing various games and showing them to the market, but not many works are noticeable.

It is also not easy to be released and reflecting the feedback after launching the trends of users. At this time, a new project was revealed that ‘what if you can listen to the user feedback right at the same time as you develop a game?’ It is the story of ‘Naval Norms’, the first in the industry.

Like the TV entertainment ‘Alley Restaurant’, which provided customized solutions for each restaurant for the revival of the restaurant business, which is the number one business in the entire self-employed business, the crabs go to small and medium-sized game developers nationwide. Representatives provide custom feedback. It is also one of the tasks of the crabs to reflect all feedback and spread the newly born game and promote it through various channels.

In terms of actively supporting small and medium-sized game developers, the image of ‘Game-based Alley Restaurant’ was created. I listened to the interview with Won Soon-hyun, head of NO Plus, where the company’s PLUS, which created Abdomen, helped developers and helped the developers and coexisted together.

■ New Publisher, a new publisher who coexists with small and medium-sized game developers,’N X Plus’
Q. What kind of company is NO Plus?

Plus is the first company established in 2019 with its aspiration to convey new experiences to users, and is currently working on two tasks of ‘game business’ and ‘media content business’. In addition to the business parts, various personnel from large companies such as Net marble, Nixon, and Aka are composed of companies. It is the direction of the main company that we want to grow together by supporting small games released through various platforms such as small indie games and steams, and to create new experiences without being tied to platforms, genres, or scale.

Q. How is the game business and the media content business, which are the main tasks of N Plus?

= First, in the game business, we are looking for small and medium-sized developers in Korea and supports most of the processes from development to launch. We will use the know-how of marketing, operation, and technology that N Plus has to support the need for help, and to develop a business that coexists with small and medium-sized developers.

In the media content business, we are currently working on the contents of ‘crabs’ in collaboration with Enchant Entertainment. Instead of simply reviewing new games, it is characterized by the process of discovering and growing small and medium-sized developers around the country in the form of media. It is a content that is close to the game business that was introduced earlier, and I thought it was a way to do only En Plus.

Q. The goal of the game business that N Plus pursues seems to be an indie game publisher. Currently, in Korea, Smile gate and Neo wiz are related to related businesses. What is the difference between them?

= The two companies mentioned are the only large companies that are currently in the indie game publishing in Korea. In fact, there are many developers who cannot contact these large companies, and the case of concluding publishing contracts through large companies is rarely. Plus hopes to support small and medium-sized developers who have not been able to take this opportunity and ultimately to stand side by side with other publishers.

The difference between N Plus is a company specialized in ‘Media Content Marketing’. The media content channel operated by N Plus will show the game to users before the game is serviced, and shows it through broadcasting what parts will be needed to be eaten in the market. In this process, you can promote the game once again. Rather than approaching quantitative numbers and evaluating the game, we plan to move towards the process of commercializing the game.

Q. Plus and Enchant are producing YouTube content ‘Global Norms’. I’m curious about the discovery and consulting process of small and medium-sized game companies in the form of video content.

= It is a plan that has been prepared for a long time since the establishment of X Plus. The name of the program has been changed a lot, and the direction of Plus’s way of dealing with developers and the direction of business as a web entertainment contents and melting it has continued from the beginning. I wanted to have a ripple that could affect actual game services and achievements, not just showing it. I think it is ideal for small and medium-sized developers to have the heart that we can help.

Q. I am curious about how small and medium-sized developers who are introduced through the ‘Global Norms’ broadcasts are selected.

= I visited various game-related events all over the country, such as G-Star and BIC, and met many representatives and selected a developer to be with me. The first developer to be with is Susan’s indie game developer ‘Tom Studio’. It Island Studio is a developer who is not a game developer, but a diverse career with the intention of making a more fun game. I thought it was a developer with a passion for creating a very good game with a basic support. In the future, we will meet many small and medium-sized developers, but we plan to determine whether there will be a passion for the game and synergy with N Plus and decide whether to collaborate.

Q. I am concerned that the process of introducing a game through the broadcasts will not feel like a kind of ‘advertising broadcast’.


= I think that concern about this part will be resolved by looking at the ‘episode 1-2’, which is currently released. If you look at the episode, you can see that it is not a broadcast that is not a broadcast that promotes the game unconditionally. I think that the cast has clearly expressed the opinion that this is not marketability, and that developers themselves should be able to feel the reality. I’m not going to find a brilliant game, not the company’s promotional channel, and I will grow up as feedback.

▲ You can see the cast members who pinch the shortcomings and unfortunate parts of the game.

■ End Plus, I want to recognize that ‘what we make is different’
Q. Please introduce the new work of Tom Studio, ‘Undertook’, which was introduced through the broadcast. What kind of game is it?

= ‘Undertook’ is a new work developed together from the initial planning stage after Tom Studio decided to cooperate with N Plus. Earlier, it was planned to be able to enjoy the top view log light shooter game, which was very popular in the indie game market, and to be released in November of this year.

Undertook deals with the story of the protagonist who has been exploring in a mining car to find his parents, in the underworld. It is a mobile game, but I paid attention to enjoying the story together, and I used 2D dot graphics to make the retro feeling. Above all, it is characterized by the fact that you can feel the hot hand of the nuclear and slash genre when you actually play ‘fun of battle’. We have prepared several chapters so that they are not just one-time play, and we plan to add various modes such as infinite modes so that you can enjoy the game for a long time.

Q. If you look at Steam, there are a lot of new works that adopt the genre and method. What is the attractive point of ‘Undertook’ that differentiates it from other log ite shooter games in the same genre?

In addition to the simplicity of the nuclear and slashes, Undertook also features a variety of elements such as mining cars that support players, traps and box objects in the stage. These elements are newly unlocked every time you clear the stage, adding to the depth of combat with little fun. Unlike traditional log ite shooters that can be cleared if you just select upgrade items, Undertook requires detailed controls, such as avoiding traps and moving to acquire items. It is a game that focuses on the sense of accomplishment that can be obtained when you overcome difficult battles.

Q. After the end of the ‘게’ ’broadcast, how does small and medium-sized developers’ post-support progress?

= There are some cases that only support consulting without actually publishing contracts. If the developer is satisfied with the appearance of Global, and he wants to take a breath with N Plus, then he will discuss support again in various directions. Of course, even if you do not have a public contract, we plan to provide continuous help by promoting the game.

The important thing about planning crabs was to have its own colors. I didn’t focus on finding and succeeding in a game, but I wanted to show you ‘the game is made by this process’ or ‘the game can change, and it can be fun’. And I would also like NO Plus that the company that can show this effect effectively.

Q. For more games