The one in the 82nd minute. After a cross from the right, the alternative Lies Market did not strike the sphere properly 5 meters before the goal, the ball flew to the Ana Guzman on the ground as well as from there behind the line. An interested own goal that Colombia no more located a response. Rather, Margret’s attempt came down on the left message in the last minute.

The Spaniards are for that reason world champ in the U-17 juniors with the 1-0 win.

The first opportunity of the video game belonged to Colombia. Sofia Fuentes in the Spanish entrance was just able to steer the ball over the top triangle after a cost-free kick by Gabriela Rodriguez. The Spaniards after that located much better into the game as well as signed up with an abundant spacer shot from Cristina Libyan. The Colombian door caretaker Luisa Agnelo came to the ball with her fingertips as well as pushing her over the crossbar (22nd).

Before the break, it was once again Libyan that put the ball beside the right message from 18 meters. With a 0-0 we entered into the break.

The young Spaniards appeared of it with a lot of force and racked up the supposed management goal. After an attack clarified by Agnelo, Libyan took the beat sphere with him and pushed it into the empty goal. The Var reported, Libyan was on the round with his hand, the goal was not.