_ (Notice: there are spoilers of the first seon of the dragon house below)._

Daemon’s character h become one of the fans’ favorites after the first seon of the dragon’s house. Although it is a dangerous sociopath , the Targaryen is also the only one that h offered us the action and the also we were looking for spectators. Believing that this would be presented with his community, HBO h confessed All the eliminated scenes that surround his figure and the only thing he h achieved is to awaken the anger of some followers who already cry out in networks so that the platform relees the Daemon’s Cut .

Apparently, the scenes discounted by HBO us showed a more sensitive and human DAEMON , with a deep and moving affection by their family. In one of them, for example, the character hugged and comforted his daughters , Bela and Ghana, after the death of his second wife, Lana Velar yon. In another, Daemon broke to cry on the beach after learning about his brother’s death, Chandra’s abortion and the death of his daughter Vision ya. And next to these, of a more sensitive nature, several fells in which w left clear that it w bisexual and where he is foolish with the servants who attended him during meals.

Accustomed to seeing him sault, taking his neck and killing with his eyes , there are few who point out that HBO h created a monster from a character that, a whole, h many clearings the rest of the inhabitants of Point. But, And if it had not been a mistake? Stairs or knee before Chandra? Who is the true Daemon? ** The debate is served.