Riot Games announced on Tuesday (18) a series of information about the VCT 2023, a championship that, due to the creation of the Valorant franchise system, no longer gives a direct place in Tier 1 Championships, like the Masters and Valorant Champions, but classification for a continental final of the Americas that will only give the champion a temporary 2-year vacancy in the franchises from 2024.

The first major change in VCT concerns a reduction and new distribution of the number of vacancies in the competition. Instead of 10 teams, as in the 2022 season, only 8 teams will be in the largest competition of the azilian scenario, 4 of which will be invited directly by Riot. This means that only 4 vacancies will be in dispute via open classification.

In addition, the teams will have about 2 weeks to set up their casts for the Open Qualifier dispute, which starts on November 3rd. Check out the calendar.

VCT 2023: 1st Open Qualifying

  • Date: November 3 and 4
  • Participants Limit: 128
  • Matter format: MD3 duels in all games
  • Vacancies for closed classification: 8

VCT 2023: 2nd Open Ranking

  • Date: November 28-30
  • Participants Limit: 128
  • Matter format: MD3 duels in all games
  • Vacancies for closed classification: 6


VCT 2023: closed classification

  • Date: December 7-11
  • NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 16 (8 of the 1st Open Qualifier, 6 of the 2nd Open Classification and 2 invited teams of VCT 2022, based on the circuit score)
  • Number of vacancies for VCT 2023: 4

criticism of pro players, technicians and organizations managers

As the official competition period had already been closed and no information about the VCT calendar had been announced clearly so far, the format of vacancies and date of starting open classification generated criticism of pro players, technicians and managers of organizations, including teams that participated in VCT 2022.

So, I think this is a lack of respect. After having the teams and some even staff missed because of the rush that went to the league, now you need to run against time to reorganize the team with many uncertainties whether projects will continue or not to get Participate in VCT, said Jonathan Show Gloria, former Valorant professional player, with tickets for Homelands and Vito Had, and current Ninjas coach in Pajamas.

Let’s go to the points: Rolando transfer window; Camps Off Season announced and so far none rolled; Game Changers rolling, winner will be in the World Cup and will not be able to compete. How do you warn that the most important championship of the year starts missing 2 weeks? Asked Liberty’s strategic coach, Salmon Hiram by Sousa.

I’ve been talking about a long time ago… look at the joke that are these dates, if it doesn’t change it will just be the beginning of the end, said coach João Pedro Teixeira, former Meanders coach.

Poor who can’t (if) qualify. You know when you play the next championship in 2023…, commented player Mathews FRA Freight, former team player like Sharks and Odd.

You can’t know if it’s a calendar or a Guru proof! Out of nowhere this tweet shouting in our face Valendooooooo and starts playing UBA UBA UBA EI, mocked coach Carlos Census Vicinity, former Pain Gaming.

Championship with 4 vacancies. In the middle of Off season. After implementing the franchise. If you want to complicate with the rest of the Valorant ecosystem in, warns Riot, said Odd general manager, Vicenza Mandela

My Advice for Valorant’s kids: rides a fake (which) will try hard until the end of November, (because) I find it very difficult to invest in a chaotic scenario. Getting the vacancy for Main Event, then it will rain proposals. Too bad it will be Only 4 vacancies, said B4 Esports CEO Antonio Tony Archer.