** When we speak regarding ends, of training course we can not avoid ruining the story. If you want to discover out the ends on your own, you should only come back and vote when the time comes.

Cyberpunk 2077 celebrates his second birthday celebration on December 10th. So adequate time has actually passed to handle the 5 feasible ends without remorse and also ask you which one is your favorite.

completions of cyberpunk 2077

Before we ask you to vote below, we intend to briefly sum up completions. Despite a number of runs, you might not recognize all the ends or would such as to have a beverage.

End No. 1-Hanako

The beginning factor is located generally objective Nocturn Op55N1, in which V has to choose the roofing just how to proceed.

V depends on Alaska and also plunges her brother with Hank. Nakamura and Odd can still live or be dead in this scenario. This end leads to V in space (epilogue in the spaceport station) and we have to choose again:

  • Digitize vs spirit?
  • Or return to Earth with Johnny to delight in the last few days?


End No. 2 Panama

If V Panama asks as well as calls for assistance, we are encountered with the choice in between the cyberspace and also the nomads:

After V spoke on the roof with Hazy and afterwards with Johnny, V decides to throw away the tablet as well as rather eliminate itself with a shot.

Secret End No. 2-Don’ t Fear the Reaper

secret end No. 1 self-destruction

In his function we established out for a showdown to the Alaska tower if we choose to make sure that Johnny must damage up with Rogue. After that, we are confronted with the option of entirely leaving Johnny to the body, or V preserves his/your body.

  • V wanders with Alt Cunningham to cyberspace as well as leaves Johnny the body, which ultimately disappears from the city.
  • V returns to Night City and also spends his/remaining life with the aldecaldos.

End No. 3-Rogue

  • Johnny goes into the cyberspace with old, Vend V as tale to Evening City.

  • Otherwise, Johnny keeps VS body since he/she opts for old. After that we experience him a little playing the guitar until it finally leaves the city.

If V and Johnny have a good connection and also do not pick the roof, the musician suggests that V should storm the Alaska tower alone, which nobody else is jeopardized. The final end determines just how well V does it:

  • If V dies in the tower, the credit histories come.
  • Survives V, the choice is due whether he/she wants to stay in cyberspace or go back to the body.

An even more thorough explanation of all ends, i.e. the necessary pursuits and incentives, can be discovered in this overview:

All end and also how you unlock them.

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Cyberpunk 2077.

your favored end? Appropriate with it!

** When we talk concerning ends, of course we can’t avoid ruining the tale. If you want to find out the ends on your own, you should just come back and vote when the time comes.

Do not hesitate to compose in the comments why you have actually selected the end of the respective end and what your last decision looked like within it. If you would certainly have chosen a completely different result for Cyberpunk 2077, you can likewise load your alternative in the remarks. We are delighted!

V trusts Alaska and plunges her sibling with Hank. This end leads to V in area (epilogue in the area terminal) as well as we have to make a decision once more:

Really feel totally free to create in the comments why you have selected the end of the particular end and also what your final choice looked like within it.