From October 3 to October 10, Steam is holding NEXT Festival . There are many concerns such as the trial version of the game scheduled to be released and the distribution by developers, and it is a notable event that gamers cannot be overlooked.

In this article, the people who are busy modern gamers who are busy with no hundreds of titles in just a week. Yes, for you, GAME*Spark will deliver one of the recommended books from a number of trials.

This time, BANZAI NAMC Entertainment will introduce the Daemon Nikita Ranch Story of the Big Kingdom of Nature and the House of Everyone , in which BANZAI SACCO Entertainment is in charge of development.

What is Daemon Nikita’s Ranch Story of Nature and House of Everyone

This work is the latest collaboration series of that Oriental character Daemon and Marvelous’s simulation game ranch story . It is a work that combines the charm of the ultra-law-type cat robot Daemon, which makes full use of the amazing technology of the 22nd century, based on a system that has a full-fledged ranch experience for casual ranch.

In addition, as usual, Daemon, who traveled to space with the whim of the protagonist, Nikita , arrived at the idyllic landscape Irma star . We meet a light boy living there, and now we will work together to recover to fulfill his dream of rebuilding a ranch that his late father has left.

Already, Ranch Story is a long-lived series that has been changing its shape for more than 25 years, and Daemon has been changing as many games.

The GB version Daemon Confrontation Limits Tool !!, the N64 version Daemon 2 Nikita and Hikaru Temple, and the PS version Daemon 3 Sakai Dungeon that adopts a dungeon-type rogue-like. The author remembers that the name value is not arrogant and the masterpiece is , and the three works for N64 are a masterpiece that proves that Daemon is a material that can be used in games.

In addition, this work is full controller support including and button notation ** button notation. It is also possible to play offline.

Experience as Ranch Story

Originally, Daemon is the one that has the power to overtime, beyond time and space with the secret tools. However, most of the reasons, secret tools are limited is the game version and movie version of promise .

The trial version starts with the game progressing to some extent, and the opening is a video that explains the early stages of the omitted product version. The details are unknown, but in this work, we decided to proceed with the game only with some secret tools and realistic methods.

For this reason, Daemon reaches out to the belly pocket and transcends things conveniently. At the moment, no doors or bamboo copter come out. Instead, you can reclaim the rough fields using mulberry and a sickle, and experience the real pleasure of the Ranch Story, which sweats steadily.

Plow the field, sow the seeds, and do water. Alternatively, you can grow livestock such as chickens and cows and get livestock products such as eggs and milk. The basic part of such agriculture and livestock is the same as the series, event expansion and tool registration function , detailed improvement from past works so that you do not throw items or attack animals by mistake. The points were also seen.

Speaking of Ranch Story, interaction with various characters living in the town. In addition to general stores and livestock breeders related to the ranch, there are also regular events such as festivals and festivals.

However, this work does not have a annual marriage system because of the character of Daemon . Nikita already has a fiancée Shizuka-chan , so there may be complicated circumstances around that. Nevertheless, there are many female characters that have a taste made with the pattern of Daemon in this work, so it seems difficult to have one Shizuka-chan.

Nikita can do it! Easy-life kind design

The game starts as soon as the digest including the product version of the luxurious animation-style product, which is always seen on Saturday afternoon, is finished. There are two regular members of Nikita, Daemon, Shizuka-chan and others, and there are also unknown blonde blue-eyed boys .

As I mentioned earlier, this trial version is a start at the stage where what you need for ranch life is unrelated, so the story is irrelevant. That’s why the player is left to talk happily with the ranch, Lighten, and Daemon, and the players are left with a sense of alienation like a friend’s friend.

I played the PS version Ranch Story Harvest Moon in the past, but after the morning point, it is fresh because everyone comes out of the bedroom all at once. Basically, Ranch Story is a lonely way of starting, and the goal is to keep dogs, horses, and livestock to fill the loneliness, get married, make children, and pursue life like people. Did.

In this work, it is a bright curtain with the usual 5-member plus alpha, and other people act based on a unique cycle like an open world. Moreover, if you talk, you will be accompanied to help you work, so it is bloody in many ways.

Unlike the past, which could only be moved with squares, the operation is intuitive and easy. Even if you do not bother to open the menu, you can put in and out of tools and items with one touch. The UI is also compactly organized, and the resolution is high, so you can see it clearly.

It may be only the trial version, but this work has a horse at the start, and you can ride quickly without gaining affection or training. It is easy to handle livestock, and the first element to touch is a polite tutorial. There are some Daemon tools that help ranch life, and the passage of time is relatively slow, so it may be difficult for beginners.

I feel like I’m aiming for the heroine of a general store every time

It is good to spend a week in the game, which is the deadline for the trial version, but this series can be done only on ranch alone, so if you invest more and more and increase the scale, enjoy this work more deeply. I can.

At present, it belongs to primary industries , including those that can be obtained from field crops, livestock, and those that can be obtained in other ways, such as fish and ore. It will be a bite as it is, but keep in mind that if you cook or processed, the value will jump. That is one point of the Ranch Story secondary industry .

That’s why I focus on livestock, which is harvested every day unlike the field. In the trial version, it was not possible to confirm the expansion function of ranch, such as processing facility , but we also embarked on a large amount of livestock from an early stage, as well as a dry run. I met in the process… she was her.

I don’t care about a girl selling livestock because she is not interested in her younger, but her sister and a general store Sally is a very good impression. As far as she looks at her sister, she is a woman with high points with long hair of native habits and adult-like dark pantyhose. If this work has a marriage system, I will definitely go to Sally **.

And the ultimate is Sally’s voice, that is, the middle person. If you think that you can remember somewhere, this is the role of Minot Mistake in the popular anime A Certain Scientific Rail gun, Ring NATO . Why is the third-largest school city powerful? Unexpectedly, she gave her name on the chicken she bought with two.

In PS2’s Amalgam, I didn’t have any connection because I was Riko, but this time there are 40 cross reviews in both character design. From the first day, Shizuka-chan is going to be with Right and Sure, so Nikita has no choice but to cheat. By all means, let’s listen to the Thunder Voice, a level 5 ability person, in the trial version right now.

The voice actors of this work are remarkable, such as Ring NATO, as well as Akin Osaka and Katsuki Tanaka. In the previous work Daemon Nikita’s Ranch Story, it was a cast that was no more, but Daemon works have been famous, including the game version. Is this also due to the magic of Daemon?

By the way, the heroine subject to capture in this Ranch Story series is characterized by other men who have already favored **. It is an element that does not appear in this work, but in order for the protagonist to be connected to someone, you must play looting love. Even so, it’s really painful to take it to the other man, but it’s painful to step on it.

However, if you like it if you like it and do not get married, you will marry a rival man. It’s so painful, so it’s better to tell them clearly in case of emergency. This is true not only in games, but also in reality.

Daemon Nikita’s Ranch Story of the Big Kingdom and Manna no House will be released on November 2, 2022, for Nintendo Switch/PS5/Steam.