The Genshin Impact daily commissions can add an undesirable random number to achievements. This is due to the nature of the appointment of daily commissions. You have no influence on when you can take on which commission. Nevertheless, we can help you by warning you when the commission you take will open an achievement in a certain way. Read on to find out more.

All daily prayer instructions associated with achievements in Genshin Impact


Here are daily instructions in Summer that you are looking for to unlock the achievements:

Academy questions and answers *: You can be asked six different questions, and every time you receive this commission, you will be asked three. There is no guarantee what questions you get. Answer them correctly at least once, and you will earn a scientist in a pile .
Attaché in another country : In this task, you are instructed to find a mushroom. If you collect more than one mushroom and return to it, you unlock This is my job.
Dr.’s orders : You will need to get this commission at least three times. Give the medicine to each NPC, Jürgen, Aura and Altaba. But Before you report to the doctor, Bavaria, give them a dose, exactly the same as the doctor said. No need and also: Destroy the Jürgen bushes, give Aura sugar and give a steak AFT AB. This should unlock relaxation therapy .
Eat and study *: you will need to try all three dishes of Afar, peppermint soup, Manipur and shawarma wrapping to achieve what’s the matter? . Unfortunately, what dish you try depends on the State Medical University.
Mean Garcia : To unlock this commission chain, complete the local assignment of Garcia Mean . The subsequent commission chain consists of five parts, but you must achieve principles of arithmetic * at the end.

Gold absorption and collection of moral *: This is a commission network that asks you to cook food for Hakim for good luck on the exchange. You will reach Kali mi mushroom if everything is fine with him. This is based on luck, but try to give Fatima tasty to put them in a pile to improve your chances. You achieve when wealth comes if things are not so good, and he needs a little apple cider to get courage to buy at the bottom.
Meow meow meow? Meow! Meow : Help Sarah find her cats three times. Make sure that you correctly call their names, otherwise it will not be counted! This will unlock Catch me if you can! .
Transformation of the problem : successfully complete this chain of instructions to help Radio build a ship and achieve the ship has this .
Project Baby : Gulag will ask you to find food for his snakes of five different accidentally selected camps. After you found food, Piano can tell you that there is a snake toy nearby. Collect three toys to achieve optional request .

Supreme hook shot *: Having completed this task three times (it doesn’t matter which version), you unlock Economical hook World quest. Follow this local task to get yeah! What’s on the hook?
Measure the world : There is nothing special here. Follow the commission twice to achieve the sky is huge; Earth…
When the flowers are blooming : you need to perform flowers that do not grow daily commission at least twice to unlock this. After you finish when the flowers bloom, find a vopperflaueer who escaped to the opposite bank of the river to unlock it. up the roots .

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