In Slime Rancher 2 there are various resources that players can use for various purposes, such as feedings lines, making Newman and unlocking updates. The buzzing wax is one of these valuable resources necessary to create certain improvements at the manufacturer. Here is a guide on how to access this subject in the game.

where to find buzz wax in Slime Rancher 2

Although we could not find buzz wax in Rainbow Fields next to the ranch, we found limited sources of this product in Ember Valley island. Having reached the western outskirts of the region, you will find an area with several lava pools near the volcano and the entrance to the cave. There will be several palm trees in this area some with a hanging hive.


In the image above, we marked two trees that carried Buzz Wax every time we followed the resource. These are the first palm trees that you will see in the region. The trees may not be the same for you, but you will definitely find what you have come for if you have a good searches. Also, do not forget to choose any Buzz Wax from the ground under the trees. As soon as you collect the available honey, return in a few hours to collect more.

What is the benefit of Buzz Wax?

As mentioned earlier, Buzz Wax is a key element for some improvements. For example, Tank Guard, equipment that retains 20 percent of your inventory after your death requires the next items to be created at the manufacturer:

  • 10 buzzing wax

  • 3000 Newman
  • 20 crystal plants
  • 10 hunters
  • 10 Lava dust
  • 1 tank liner

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