With the hotfix, a missing out on option in the settings for the Collection X and PlayStation 5 gaming consoles for a refresh price of 120 Hz was also included.



melting pot

Spot Notes for Hotfix

  • Taken care of a problem in which the children of Onyx endured enhanced damage from rocket launchers and various other sources.
  • Repaired an issue in which gamers had the ability to make it through specific wipe methods throughout the activity.
  • A problem was repaired in which gamers might often generate behind doors throughout the experience with the war clergyman.

The developer has made changes in the fusion, the royal raid in addition to weapons, shield and abilities. The details can be discovered in the German Spot Notes below.

  • The weighting for the cards splitting up and also dust basilica were adjusted.
  • Taken care of trouble in the melting locations, in which gamers could not advance in the weekly fusion.

Bungee had currently played a hotfix for fate 2 on all platforms last night.

gameplay and also activities

  • Fixed a problem in which the rot-proofing of destructive touch had the ability to alleviate allies and also therefore experienced enhanced damages through weapons of suffering.
  • Dealt with trouble in which the last cartridge of harmful touch inaccurately increased its damage if it struck an objective struck by divinity.


  • Dealt with trouble in which the Funk of Feedback piece can rarely mean that rebuffs, lovers and abilities no longer functioned.


  • Taken care of trouble in which the improved seasonal mod and the leg security mod for sword-looters could be piled with the basic versions to increase the result. If you now outfit among these mods, you can no longer furnish the various other.
  • In enhancement, the normal and the artifact mods for Gatling gun looters could also be piled. This trouble was taken care of.



systems and systems

  • The web links in Korean purchasing message areas that do not function on Xbox and also PlayStation consoles were eliminated.
  • Repaired trouble with a collision, which might happen at the beginning on the PlayStation 4 if individuals have lots of platform channels.
  • Taken care of trouble in which the alternative for a refresh rate of 120 Hz was missing on PlayStation 5 and also the Xbox Collection X.