[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Valorant has achieved the number one market share among the PC room FPS genre games. It was third among the whole games.

Riot Games announced on the 19th that the first-person tactical shooting game (FPS) Valorant was ranked 3rd in the PC room popularity two years after the launch of the Korea Service.

According to the PC room game statistics company ‘Game Trip’, Valorant recorded 5.95%market share on September 17, and beats the top PC room FPS game competition such as Sudden Attack (5.75%) and Battleground (5.06%). I recorded the number one title in my market.


Valorant, which was launched in 2020, has gained popularity at the end of last year, and has been on the rise since June this year, entering the top 10 in PC room popularity.

Valorant achieved a monthly market share of 3.70%last month, and on September 8, it surpassed the popular game ‘Battleground’ and ranked second in the FPS genre.

The company is a rising factor in Valorant, and in addition to the unique game performance, agents, maps, and skin, ‘Jet’ music video and ‘VAL sculpture event’ and ‘PC room summer’ I pointed to marketing points such as ‘VAL Dance’. The role of the game environment of Vanguard, which was developed independently to prevent nuclear, also affected.

Valorant is causing a pleasant blue in the PC online game market with its unique tension, said Riot Games. The game also added firepower to the solid rise.