Activision Blizzard is the information public event Call of Duty: Next in the CALL OF DUTY series, and the basic play free battle royal game Call of Duty Wear Zone 2.0 ( Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 ) announced that the launch date of local time will be November 16th.

Along with the launch day announcement, a new map Al March, which has introduced many new innovations, will be unveiled, using new technologies shared with Call of Duty Modern Warfare II. This map plays a major role in the Modern Warfare 2 universe, featuring it in the campaign and is an important part of the event after that. The official blog also introduces each area, so if you are worried, check it out.


In addition, the Markov style mode DMZ , which has been rumored for a long time, is also officially announced. In this mode, which is a completely new sandbox experience, players set their own victory conditions, infiltrate the Al March map, achieve their goals, and aim to escape. There are AIs and other players on the map, and it is free to fight or avoid them. In addition, it seems that you can enjoy various ways to collect gears that can be used in War zone 2.0, follow the world activities, and explore the secrets of Al March.

The DMZ mode is launched on November 16, like War zone 2.0 and can be played for free.