A special weapon can be just a ticket to turn the battle course in favor of your team in Platoon 3. But from more than a dozen options, choosing the right one can be a little stunning. Fortunately, we made this list of special weapons so that you can think it over before pressing the trigger. When you are ready, go to Turf War and show them who is the master in the house.

list of special weapons Platoon 3

Big Barber *
* Expand this device at your feet to protect yourself with a large spherical barrier. This bubble blocks external attacks with ink, but cannot interfere with the entrance of the opponents themselves. Damage to the upper part or internal device will lead to a faster operation of the barrier.
buoy bomb
* Direct energy into an explosive ink ball and run it into the enemy. By sending and receiving buoy from your team, you can quickly gain strength. The teammates, sending Booths, will be rewarded with a small filling of a special scale.
crab tank
* Leave your enemies in trouble thanks to the excellent power of the ink of this swift tank. Click ZR for quick-firing shots-R will shoot from your gun. His back is vulnerable to enemy attacks, but you can go to mobile mode using SL to protect yourself.

jet *
* This throws you into the air, spraying the ink, allowing you to attack opponents using the attached launchers. You can temporarily rise higher by pressing B.
Ink storm
* Throw this device to create an ink rain cloud. The cloud gradually moves away from the place where the device was thrown.
Ink vacuum cleaner
* Make your ink shots more powerful, absorbing enemy attacks! Keep ZR to create a whirlwind that absorbs enemy ink attacks. As soon as the tank fills up or when the timer expires, release ZR, and you will strike with super cherries!
Murdered howl 5.1 *
* Produces six devices in the form of speakers emitting a laser to surround and destroy your enemies. Aim to the enemy, and the emitters will track down and blow him up, wherever he goes! You can continue to use your main weapon and additional weapons while Killer Wail 5.1 shoots.
* Drop on the float in the shape of a shark driven by ink, and rush forward. When you reach the end of the way or click ZR, the float will explode and cause damage.
* Parsing a refrigerator with drinks, which for a short time improve some of your abilities. There are four drinks, but you can only drink one-the rest for two! You will lose an improvement if you are sprayed during the action of the drink, but you will immediately revive.
Tenth missiles *
* Click ZR to launch missiles in any enemies within your aiming net. The capture of several enemies will change the number of missiles that affect each goal.
Triple ink blow *
* Throw and expand the guidance device with R to cause an ink blow generating a tornado, landing on this place on top. You can deploy up to three guidance devices to activate three separate ink tornadoes.

Tripura *
* Click ZR to run three streams of spiral ink at a time. You can run it up to three times.
Ultra stamp
* Attack with a huge hammer. Click and hold ZR to move forward, striking with a hammer. If you click and let go, you will throw the hammer far for the attack, and the special issue will end.
Wave destroyer

* Launches a device that generates sound waves to bring hidden opponents into open space. Waves spread on the ground, noting and inflicting damage to all opponents whom they concern. To avoid damage, just jump over each wave.
* Disaster
* Turn into an acrobat in an ink cloak and extend your elastic hand to carry around the battlefield! Use R to aim and stick to the walls. You can still use your main weapon, as usual, with ZR. When your ink ends, your transformation will end, and you will return to the starting position with the help of a super jump.

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