Goa Techno and EA have joined hands for the development of new works.


EA announced today that it will develop a new work in collaboration with Goa Techno. Development is played by omega force, famous for its studio in Goa Techno and the main family of the Warriors. Omega Force has so far been able to be the original triangle series such as the Ginseng Warriors and the National Warriors, the Age of the Zelda Warriors, the Persona 5 Scrambled The Phantom Strike Kurt, and the Fire Emblem Winning Wool Wall. He has developed a lot of games.

Publishing is in charge of EA Originals, a label under EA. It is the unable series that draws the adventure of the bristle doll, and the Hayes Light Studio’s A-Way Out and Into to the publishing.

The new genre of the new work, which is being developed by Goa Techno and EA, is ‘Hunting Action’, famous for the Monster Hunter series. It is set in the backdrop of a fantasy feudalism where samurai appears, and aims to provide AAA experience. In some cases, some have been talking about whether it is a new work of the Togwijeon series, but it is expected to be irrelevant to the Togwijeon series as it is the original title.

Meanwhile, EA’s Jeff Damon General Manager said, I am very happy to cooperate with the omegas team. I’m waiting for the day to showcase their new work.

Ayasdi Yoke, chief vice president of Goa Techno and head of the current team ninja, said, It is an honor to be supported by EA. EA has become a valuable partner who completely embraces our creative independence and provides both development and publishing support. It is helping to introduce a new hunting action game all over the world and to expand its base.

The new work, which Goa Techno and EA collaborate, will be released at the end of September.