The opponent’s posterization with the contact Dank is one of the most exciting things in the NBA 2K23, but if you want your player to be able to fulfill the contact Dank, you will have to consider the requirements before creating your player.

To fulfill the contact Dank, you must have demands, buy an animation of the contact Lanka and put it on your player. Here are all the requirements for contact Lanka in the NBA 2K23.

Do not forget to think about what contact Dangs you would like to fulfill before making your player. If your goal is to make contact dungeons, your player will have to focus on athletic and final qualities. Install your potential attributes to be able to achieve requirements, otherwise you will not be able to fulfill the contact dungeons.

After setting up your potential, you will need to fulfill the requirements for attributes and purchase contact dungeons in the animation store. Equip your contact dungeons and go to the court to hit your opponents. The presence of the Posterize icon really helps to initiate contact dungeons, therefore, if you are struggling to get these contact dungeons, think about updating the Posterize icon. Aerial Wizard, one of the new NBA 2K23 icons, will also increase your chances of getting a contact lane or throwing down.

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