The world’s first gaming gear brand Steel Series (CEO: Etisham Lavani) has three kinds of Gaming Headset Arctis Nova 7, ArcTis Nova 7, ArcTis Nova 3, ArcTis NOVA 1. It was released.

ArcTis Nova 7 is a new headset that will lead the soundscape and the airwave market, which is the lineage of Arctis 7, the largest sales gaming headset of the Steel Series’ Arctis product line. The Steel Series analyzed the rapidly changing market and gaming lifestyle and created a new gaming headset after four years of continuous research. The ArcTis Nova 7, which is equipped with a Nova acoustic system that provides 360 ° spatial sound, including high-fi audio, which has become more powerful with Sona Audio software, supports players to hear very small sounds that are not heard by the other party..

Convenience is also excellent. Simultaneously supports multi-platforms, allowing you to listen to two audio streams at 2.4GHz and Bluetooth at the same time. The USB-C connection allows you to easily switch between multiple devices such as PCs, Mac, PlayStation and Switch (Switch). In addition, the newly introduced Clearcast Gen 2 (ClearCast Gen 2) AI-based noise canceling features a clear sound, supporting communication, the core of the game. The two-way microphone has the same technology as the Formula 1 team used. In addition, when pairing with sonar software and pairing, the background noise and disturbance elements that occur when the keyboard or the button is battered is completely removed. The microphone is newly designed to be stored in the ear cup to increase portability.

In addition to ArcTis Nova 7, the Steel Series has also released ArcTis Nova 3 and ArcTis Nova 1. In particular, the ArcTis Nova 1 product has been released in Korea at the same time, and the white color product has been released at the same time to expand the customer’s color selection. The ArcTis NOVA line is a low sound quality, bass booming problem, an inconvenience that cannot be used through various platforms with one headset, and a long-term fatigue, and a variety of consumer needs and prices are matched. The special designed new line headsets provide good sound quality.

It is equipped with a Nova acoustic system that combines hardware and software, boasting a higher standard than competing products, providing gamers with a new concept of sound known as Almighty Audio. For good voice clarity, a hi-fi speaker driver, a 360 ° spatial sound for immersive soundscape, and a cow or audio software suite that introduces the world’s first professional parameter EQ to gamers that can adjust all individual frequencies to gamers Provides the best sound.

Anyone who dreams of becoming an e-sports professional gamer, a consumer who emphasizes value for money, or a consumer who invests a lot in gaming equipment, or a general public or audio enthusiast who is not familiar with audio, and excellent products beyond their needs and expectations. I deserve to enjoy. The expanded Nova lineup has three options, allowing users to choose the product they want to meet their play style, budget and tastes.

· ArcTis Nova 7 -Gamers can experience the All-Mighty Audio that will give you an immersion that has never been before through ArcTis Nova 7. At the same time, you can easily switch to multiple devices such as PCs, Mac, PlayStation and Switch (Switch) by listening to two audio streams at once through a 2.4GHz Bluetooth connection. With a 38-hour battery life and 15-minute charge, you can enjoy the game without worrying about the battery with a fast charging function that can be used for 6 hours.

The AI algorithm supports the Clearcast Gen 2 (Clearcast Gen 2) Microphone, so it is possible to communicate clearly without noise because it provides a clean and vivid input and output voice when the group chat. It is designed to allow four-point adjustment with the Comfortmax system, and is made using a breathable Airweave memory foam cushion so that you can enjoy a long game on any platform. The existing Steel Series ArcTis 7 is a gaming headset with the most award-winning award-winning gaming headset, and this product, which is significantly improved compared to its predecessor, is expected to provide new pleasure for gamers. (Available in PC, PlayStation, Xbox-only models)

· Prism Sync RGB of Nova 3 (NOVA 3), which is customable in arctis Nova 3 (ArcTis Nova 3) -16.8 million colors. Powerful AI algorithms support noise canceling microphones to eliminate background noise made by users and team members when chatting. Gamers can be compatible with USB-C, such as PCs, PlayStation, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Mobile Device, and iPad, so that they can be completely immersed in sound skates with all-might audio on multiple platforms. Comfortmax system is available all day long.

· ArcTis Nova 1 (ArcTis Nova 1) -ArcTis Nova 1 is a light headset using Airweave memory cushion, designed to adjust 4 points for optimal fit. Comfortmax system is available for a long time. Broadcast quality noise canceling microphone reduces background noise, so you can communicate with vivid sound quality during the game, and 3.5mm jacks available on a variety of platforms such as PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. It is mounted. (Black or white color is provided, available in PCs, PlayStation, Xbox-only models)

Meanwhile, promotions will be held for customers who purchase new products until September 12 to commemorate the launch of the new product. ArcTis Nova1 (ArcTis Nova1) Black and White purchasing Gaming Pad or Control Prick Omni Blue Sumsticks, and when purchasing ArcTis Nova3, Gaming Pad (QCK Edge Medium) or One of the control prick Omni Blue Thumbstick is presented. ArcTis Nova7 has a 10% discount on purchasers. In addition, an event will be held for the author by September 30th.

ArcTis Nova 7, Arctis Nova 3, and ArcTis Nova 1 (ArcTis Nova 3, ArcTis Nova 1) are the Steel Series Naver official store operated by M & Works, a domestic monopoly of steel series, the next recommended consumer price It can be purchased.