An enchanting indie game currently attracts a lot of view on Twitter. Fans in particular of kicked back structure games as well as prospective witches are persuaded. You can discover right here why you should watch on Reka.

German indie game overcame witch-hearts

With a witch hut on chicken legs via forests, brewing potions, assisting a vast range of living beings and charming them: All of this belongs to the everyday life of a witch-at the very least in Reka, an indie game that is still being developed, which gamers currently on Twitter astounds.

When the little development group Emberstorm from Berlin just recently launched a video of claimed witch hut, the video on the social networks platform with ** over 28,000 I such as and also a great deal of favorable comments was compensated, according to which interested parties Witches and also witches are currently anticipating the launch of Reka.


What can you expect in Reka?

You play the young witch Reka, which needs to discover the numerous arts of witchcraft throughout the game. Her advisor is her shifting witch hut, which is based on Baba Jaga . By the way, this is not the only mythical recommendation in the game. The designers are based upon Slavic legends and folklore, which are also intended to reflect in Routines as well as creatures in Reka, as the group informs us.

Technically, gameplay makes use of the game at various genres, to develop a really own gaming experience. The development of your witch hut and embellishing it needs to take a huge part-similar to example in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Emberstorm likewise tells us:

However exploring nature as well as gathering ingredients likewise play a significant function. If you like survival games, Reka might likewise be intriguing for you-although our game will certainly not draw on classic survival auto mechanics.

Reka relies on a loosened up gameplay and lives from a thick, melancholic environment. If you like to get shed in often dark, partially comfy worlds and also have constantly desired to build your own witch residence, you are specifically best with Reka.

In nature, for instance, components can be located with which you can make ointments, potions as well as tinctures. These consequently can be made use of as medication for the citizens as well as other living things that you satisfy. These are also made use of for missions **, amongst various other points. The team tells us:

The tasks that you can do as reca will be different-times it has to do with damaging a curse, sometimes shed souls need aid with the transition to the various other side. Of program you will certainly additionally have the possibility to curse various other living points ** or otherwise to be harmful to them, which is part of a classic everyday witch life.

When and also for which platforms shows up Reka?

As already stated, the silent witch game is still under growth. There is still no release duration, however to stay up to date, you can follow the main Twitter account or put REKA on your Vapor wish list :

Enjoy Reka on Vapor

A captivating indie game presently brings in a lot of looks on Twitter.

Far, the launch on the Computer is firmly prepared. It is not yet clear whether the game will appear for console at a later date-but it is not completely excluded.

Her coach is her shifting witch hut, which is based on Baba Jaga . These are likewise made use of for quests , amongst various other things. Of course you will likewise have the chance to curse various other living points or otherwise to be damaging to them, which is part of a traditional day-to-day witch life.