Piamond feeding is not the only reason to go fishing at Genshin Impact. There are also amazing awards if you know the right people with whom you can talk. Here you can get a rewards for fishing in a pounder, including a free four-star bow End of the Line.


Where is Lumlat, the seller of the fishing association to the Genshin Impact pill

To the north of the port of Ormos, at the end of the Western Doc. . She will tell you a whole story if you ask about her Rashid. Or you can buy fishing supplies, including cool rewards, for the fish caught.

Что я могу получить в Рыболовной ассоциации Сумеру в Genshin Impact

A lot of goodies. But keep in mind that fishing associations are engaged in fish, not a mora. That’s how many fish you need to exchange for rewards:

Statistics of weapons for onions End of the Line in Genshin Impact

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