Aaron Mindfreak Leonhart is undoubtedly one of the best and most popular players in the community of Valorant, among others. From 2020, he has been representing Paper Rex, an electronic sports team based in Singapore with roots in CS: GO, in which Mindfreak also had a point of support. He then represented the country in three international LAN events, the most recent was the VCT 2022. If you want to bring a little of that magic to your own game, try to use Mindfreak Valorant configuration .

Mindfreak mouse configuration for Valorant

Mindfreak handles the VAXEE XE White and set the mouse setting in the game for Valorant for:

PPP *: 400
Sensitivity : 0.5
Survey rate/Hz *: 1000
EDPI : 200
Windows sensitivity : 6

Mindfreak keys combination configuration for Valorant

For the most part, Mindfreak uses the predetermined valorant keys combinations, although some are not positive, such as assigning ability 2 to the additional buttons of your mouse.

walk *: left shift
Hold : Left-ctrl
Jump : Space/mouse below
Skill 1 *: My
Skill 2 : Mouse button 4
Skill 3 : vs
last *: x
Use object : F
Equip main weapon : 1
Equip secondary weapon *: 2
Equip Melee : 3
Team peak : 4

Mindfreak’s sight configuration for Valorant

While these are the Mindfreak views settings, make changes if they do not work for the color of the point of view.

  • Green color
    Contours : In/1/1
    central point : off
    Interior lines *: activated/1/4/2/0/deactivated/deactivated
    Exterior lines *: All off

Mindfreak map configuration for Valorant

Turn *: us
Fixed orientation *: Based on the side

Vision cones of the minimap : off
* Show map regions names : Never

Mindfreak video configuration for Valorant

Unlike, say, Shrouud’s configuration, Mindfreak opts for 4K for 1080p, which is still a great resolution for competitive games. However, it should be noted that its monitor, the Benq Zowie XL2546K has a 240Hz soda rate.

Visualization mode *: Full screen
Resolution : 1920 × 1080
Photograms speed limit : 240FPS
Material quality *: low
Texture quality : low
Quality of detail : low
User interface quality *: low
Miniature : off
VSYNC : off
Softened *: None
Anisotropic filtrate : 1x
Improve clarity : off
flourish *: off
Shadows in the first person : off
Distortion : off

Now you have a complete guide for Mindfreak Valorant configuration (2022) . If you are new in Valorant, it is important to understand terms of players as saving. Have you not yet played Valorant and you are not sure if it will work? See what the system requirements are for Valorant.

Fuence of the prominent image: Riot Games

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