The cruel and contemptuous attacks of the Stark, ruthless combo and the mechanics of sudden movements make her the best killer in Multiversus.

Being the best killer in the game, her movements and attacks are quite complicated, and a beginner in the game may seem that studying these combo will be a little complicated.

Perki is special abilities in multiversus, which, combined with attacks and combo, increase the strength of the characters to a much higher level and help you easily win the opponents.

The development of the perks should be the focus of the players in the game, and if you decide to continue the game with Arya, then read the next article to learn about some of the best perks and advice of Arya in Multiversus.

The best abilities for Arya Stark in Multiversus

Corporate bonus: betrayal
The betrayal is best, since it increases the power and strength of your allies and Arya. The buff, provided by this perk, allows the Arya to move at a speed exceeding its original, and attack many times more, which makes it almost invincible. Combine with thugs or other assassins and use this ability to cause trouble to your opponents.

perk Slot 1: Champion of the Foot Day
Next follows the first perks slot, and Leg Day Champ is suitable for this slot. This ability increases the height of the Arya jump, as well as your allies, which allows them to perform stronger and stronger combo-attacks in the air.

perk slot 2: The second wing under your wings
Second Wing Beneath Your Wings is the best option for the second slot. This perk is best combined with the fast reflexes of Arya, allowing her to quickly dump air attacks after the enemy stunes.

Combining this perk with its speed, it can easily rush to other enemies after the enemy attack in the air, thus performing the perfect series of combo.

perk slot 3: shock
Finally, we have the power of an impact strike that enhances the blow of Arya, casting her enemies horizontally.


Tips Arya Stark

It belongs to the class of assassins, which indicates that she specializes in close combat, and not in the far. However, her fast reaction and powerful attacks allow her to act better even in distant battle, which makes her the best killer in the game.

In addition, her neutral special ability allows her to steal the face of opponents, which means that she can repeat their movements, but not all of them. Its attacks are slightly inferior to distant ones, so this ability is really useful, since Arya allows far attacks.

There are other unique abilities, and the most interesting of them is its ability to apply more damage whenever she attacks the enemy from behind. With her quick reflexes and an attack on the ground, she can easily strike the enemies from behind, instantly defeating them.