Pokemon Unite has a bonus for entering your anniversary, distributing a lot of Unite and Holowear licenses for free. In addition, the game has two special offers that include more of the holoode. The first is a box that players can open on the seventh day of entering the system, having received an orange or purple set of Unite. Secondly, a 20 % discount on selected holographic clothes in a sales store. These are all anniversary naked clothes in Pokemon Unite.

all the entrance awards to the Pokemon Unite Anniversary system

Players can enter Pokemon unite for seven days to get the following awards:

Pikachu *-Unite license and naked clothing in fashionable style
Lucario -Holographic clothing Unite License and concert style
Blastiz -Unite license and holographic clothing in the style of firefighter
Snorlax *-Unite license and bare clothes for sleeping
Silveon *-Unite license and naked clothing in a cage

If the players already have a Holowear or a license for the chosen Pokemon, instead players will receive 100 AEO coins for them.

Bonus Set for the Holowear input for Pokemon Unite

For 60 precious stones EO Players can get one of 12 Sets of naked clothes.

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Eldegoss *-Orange and purple combine the style
Pikachu -Orange and purple combine the style
Snorlax -Orange and purple combine the style
Charizard *-Orange and purple combine the style
Talonpams -Orange and purple combine the style
Espion -Orange and purple combine the style

The whole profitable purchase of Holowear for Pokemon Unite

During the anniversary event in Pokemon Unite, these chosen Holowears 20% turned off.

Wigglitaff *-Style before bedtime
ALOLAN NITALS -Theater style
Sindereis -Cosmic style
Charizard *-Style style
Gri student -Border style
Tsarina -Border style
Kramorant *-Chef style
Gri student -Smoking style
Snorlax -Concert style
Sloody *-Smoking style
Blastiz -Smoking style
Heingar -Masked style
Blissa *-Chemistry style
Eldegoss -Fashionable style
Silveon -Poncho style
Greninja *-Fashionable style
Gardevoar -Fashionable style
Blastiz -Fashionable style
* Mr. Mim -Magic style

Venusavr *-costume style
Snorlax -Chef style
Masham -Adept style

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