If the plans had happened as we had been revealed, it’s been a very long time given that the public would certainly have found the system System Shock, pioneer of the narrative FPS, in the type of a remake as well as also an all new opus. However, not only has Nightdive Studios have not yet completed the remake of System Shock (which was however usable at Gamescom) however the legal rights of System Shock 3 were transferred from Otherside Entertainment to Tencent in May 2020.

Two years later on, the general public continues to be without any details concerning what Tencent remains in the procedure of making this acquisition. Technically, Nightdive Studios stays the permit manager, which does not stop his chief executive officer Stephen Kick from undoubtedly not news of Tencent’s plans.

_ Lorsque we initially acquired the legal rights of the franchise business, we approved a license for the legal rights of the 3rd game to Warren as well as Paul at Otherside. They then marketed their legal rights to Tencent. Tencent therefore currently has the civil liberties of the third game, and We have the rights to make the remake of the initial video game and also potentially a remake of the second game. This is almost what it is for the minute, he explains at the microphone of the VGC site. Stephen Kick includes that in the occasion of System Shock 3, Tencent will certainly be best positioned to implement suites.

In the meantime, Nightdive Studios is currently attempting to get over the remake of System Shock in which he has actually been on board considering that 2016. Stephen Kick verifies that Warren Spector and Paul Neurath, the makers of the franchise business, inform him frequently their perceptions And their guidance during the production of this remake. As a tip, Spector and also Neurath have however shot the System Shock page and also are currently working with a brand-new task with their studio Otherside Entertainment.

Teasé by Otherside Entertainment in December 2015 to be lastly marketed in Tencent in May 2020, System Shock 3 does not seem advanced because. In charge of Nightdive Studios, that still has the permit, returns to the circumstance of the franchise as well as the specific function of Tencent in the case.