The lDragonitet episode of Pokémon anime in Japan hDragonite shared with fans a special reward for Pokémon sword and shield. Players with the delivery of the eighth generation can be made with the Dragonite of Dragoniteh without additional cost . This Dragonite version is in an ideal state for postgame. We tell you how you can get it and what skills you have.

How to get the Free Dragoniteh Dragonite for Pokémon Sword and Shield

  • In Pokémon Spain and Shield, open the menu and select the mysterious gift option
  • Select the Obtain option by code or pDragonitesword
  • Start the Internet connection
    Once the drop-down is opened, put the following capital code: UMI1N0KESH1N *
  • Select Dragoniteh’s Dragonite gift (the coach’s name will be in Japanese). You will see the transition to obtain the gift. The code will be available until September 8 at 4:59 PM (CEST)

When you complete the steps you should go to a Pokémon Center to access your PC. Dragonite will be in the lDragonitet space of your boxes. Once you exchange it, you will remain forever in your departure. Of course, you must do it within the limit indicated above; Otherwise the code will expire and ceDragonitee to be available.

How is the free Dragoniteh Dragonite for Pokémon sword and shield?

The Dragoniteh Dragonite hDragonite level 80 and the following statistics:

* PS: 259
* Attack: 244
* Defense: 181
* Speed: 172
* Special Defense: 189
* Special attack: 170

  • Skill: internal focus

Dragon and flying type, presents the movements Garra Dragon (Dragon), Comet Draco (Dragon), Normal (Flying) and Dragon Dance (Dragon) . In their description we can read their origin are Pokémon cartoons. It seems that it wDragonite a thing of destiny. He always hDragonite an alert ear, describes Game Freak. It hDragonite the clDragonitesic tape emblem, which shows that you love the Pokémon.