Samsung’s 4th generation foldable phone Galaxy Z4 series is cruising with the highest number of foldable phones in pre-sales.

Roh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics’ MX Business Division, said, Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 will realize foldable taxation and popularization in the global market. It is noteworthy that the true popularization of the foldable phone can be realized.

■ Galaxy Z4 series, 970,000 units for 7 days… Foldable Phone Maximum

According to Samsung Electronics on the 24th, Z Flip 4 and Z Fold 4 sold 970,000 units in the Galaxy Pre-sale, which was held in Korea for 7 days from 16th to 22nd. This is exceeding 920,000 units of pre-sales for 7 days of Z Flip 3 and Fold 3, which achieved the largest performance in foldable smartphones last year.

The average daily pre-sale of the Galaxy Z4 series also achieved the best of the Galaxy series. The average number of pre-sales per day in the Galaxy Z4 series was 138,000, exceeding the Galaxy Z3 series (131,000 units), which was released last year. In addition, the Galaxy S22 series, which was released earlier this year, has more than 127,000 units per day.

Samsung Electronics’ sales target for foldable phones this year is more than 10 million. The annual sales of 10 million units are the annual sales volume that Galaxy Note has been maintained since its launch in 2011. While the Galaxy Note series has been discontinued, it is significant in that it can be replaced by Samsung Electronics’ representative model in the second half of this year if the foldable phone achieves more than 10 million units.

President Roh Tae-moon said at a press conference held in New York after the Galaxy Unpack, which unveiled the Galaxy Z4 series on the 10th, This year, more than 10 million foldable phone sales, leading to popularization, and by 2025, half of the premium Galaxy phone sales volume I will expand the ideal to a foldable ph1.

Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone shipments amounted to 370,000 units in 2019 and 2.1 million units in 2020, and in 2021, when the Galaxy Z3 series was released, it was about 8 million units, more than four times higher than the previous year.

The market research firm Counter Point expects Samsung Electronics’ foldable phone to record 9 million to 10 million this year. Earlier this year, the counterpoint predicted the sales forecast of Samsung Electronics foldable phone this year at 12 million, but the demand for smartphones was lowered due to the global market downturn. In addition, Samsung Electronics is expected to leap from 62%in the first half of this year to 80%in the second half due to the Galaxy Z4 series effect.


Park Jin Counter Point Researcher said, Samsung Electronics has been leading the foldable phone market from the beginning, and I think that dominance will continue for the time being. And now, Motorola will be the only competitor in the US market. He added, The new Galaxy Z4 series will continue to maintain Samsung’s momentum, and 9 million units will be sold this year, he said. This will help Samsung’s foldable share in the second half of this year.

■ From the 4th generation of foldable phone, the North American market demand is expected

Samsung’s foldable phone has been in demand since its launch in September 2019. In the United States, one of the major smartphone markets, the sales rate of foldable phones is not high.

Samsung Electronics expects demand to increase in the US market from the Galaxy Z4 series, the fourth generation of foldable phones.

President Roh Tae-moon said at a meeting on the 10th, The US is a market that requires time because it is conservative to accept new products or technology. It was limited to some countries in China, Southeast Asia and Europe, but from the fourth generation when the Note Series began to become mainstream, the US market became the largest demand market for notes.

Roh also said, We expect US consumers to watch the first or third generations even in the case of this Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, so we expect to be able to appeal to consumers in the US market from the fourth generation..

Samsung Electronics plans to strengthen cooperation with distributors to raise foldable phone awareness in the global market and to expand sales.

President Roh Tae-moon said, We have worked with global distributors to prepare promotions to increase the recognition of foldable phones. I explained. He added, We believe that policies that freeze some of the Galaxy Z4 series prices with previous works will help maximize sales volume so that consumers can easily approach foldable phones.

The US consumer price of the 4th generation foldable phone ‘Galaxy Z Flip 4’ was $ 999 based on 128GB, and ‘Galaxy Z Fold 4’ was $ 1,799 based on 128GB, which is the same price compared to last year.

According to the counterpoint, since the launch of the Galaxy Z3 series last year, the share of foldable among Samsung Electronics’ total sales in the US market has risen from 0.6%last year to 12%this year. This is a comparison of the sales volume for eight weeks after the launch of the Galaxy Z folder 3 and Flip 3 and the share of foldable phones in the same period last year.

Meanwhile, this year’s foldable phone shipments will grow 73% from the previous year (9 million units) to 16 million units, and next year’s foldable phone shipments are expected to grow 26 million units.