A new trailer of the open world RPG ‘Hogwart Legacy’, set in the 19th century Hogwarts, has been unveiled. This video boasts a darker and darker atmosphere.

Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment released a new video of Hogwart Legacy through Gamekscom Opening Night Live 2022 on the 24th. If the previously released videos focused on the school life where you can enjoy as Hogwarts, this video deals with the plot of the entire work. That’s why the overall trailer atmosphere is also very dark, and the Objena Creature, which is seen in the horror genre, appears.

If you look closely at the video, you will see a story about the magic of darkness and dark magic. Since then, Sebastian Salo, a student of Sleetlin and one of the protagonists of this work, teaches Huflefuf’s students as a secret room, and teaches Crucio, a curse of the Harry Potter series tradition, as well as Skeleton soldiers, zombies, trolls and trolls. The battle scene of it appears.

Considering that Hogwarts Legacy can play the game in a variety of ways, it is speculated that this dark story will be unfolded if you become a friend with Sebastian Salo and proceed to the quest. The player can also decide whether to learn the magic of darkness.

Hogwarts Legacy will be released on February 10, next year, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The release date of the Nintendo Switch will be released later.