Developer Yager announced on August 23 that Season 2, Salis Island, in the PvPve escape shooter The Cycle: Frontier will begin on September 28. This work is being distributed for free for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) for free.

This work is a PvPve shooter fought on the stage of Fortuna III, a planet at the end of the galaxy. Players collect quests and collect resources while fighting other players and wildlife on this planet. And escape before the great threat, radioactive storm, comes. With the obtained resources, you can upgrade your base or purchase equipment. Season 1 recorded a total of 2.4 million players. About 50,000 people were distributed on Twitch, and the total viewing time reached 25 million hours.

In Season 2, the third map Salis Island is added. Salis Island, which is said to be the most difficult in this work, is said to be an island full of unknown danger in the beautiful scenes, like other areas of Fortuna III. There is a deeply cave in the map, which is the most resourceful place on this planet. On the other hand, at the bottom of the cave, something mysterious with some different origin is hidden. It seems that one of the goals is to reach the place and solve the mystery of launching the foreign substance.

The whole picture is still a mystery, but according to the announcement, a challenge to deepen the play style and battle style will be prepared, and it will be a map that can be enjoyed as an end game content. In addition, new route items, characters and weapon skins are added. Fortuna Pass seems to power up further.

In the last week of Season 1, the in-game event The Cataclysm will be held. And after the event, the in-game progress of the game will be held for all players in Season 1. With the wipe, all players will start each season from the same start line. Oram and decorative items can be carried over to the next season. Details of Season 2 will be announced as the start of September 28 approaches.

By the way, in this work, the patch 1.5.0 was distributed on August 17, and the operation of the compensation function when cheetah damage has begun. If the use of cheats is detected and the account is killed by a frozen player, the lost items will be returned at that time (except for the highly valuable items, paid with the same value K mark). At the moment, it is only supported by its own cheat detection tool, but it will also be able to support Battleye in the future.

THE CYCLE: Frontier is being distributed for free for PC (Steam/Epic Games Store) for free. Season 2 The deep back of Salis Island will start on September 28.