Since this year, major game shows, including G-Star, have predicted the full offline, and Gamescom, one of Europe’s representative game shows, is no exception. The Gamescom 2022 will be held in Quality Messe from the 24th to 28th (local), and 1,100 companies will participate in 53 countries with online and offline. Along with offline exhibitions, it takes online that has been strong.

This year, Gamescom’s active participation of Korean game companies is eye-catching. Many domestic game companies, including Kraftton, Neowiz, Pearl Abyss, Nexon, and Line Games, will show their own consoles and PC new titles. Among them, it also includes global expectations such as the Calisto Protocol, so more focus on Korean game companies is more likely to concentrate on Korean game companies.

In addition, Sony, Nintendo, and Activision Blizzard have been in the midst of the participation, and the place where the individual program is also compressed into Xbox, 2K, 505 Games, Bandai Namco, Hoyo Bus, Level Infinite (Tencent) THQ Nordic, Ubisoft and Warner Brothers Games will participate.

Will Korean games be the main character this year?

This is not the first time that Korean games have been illuminated in Game Scom. Last year, Pearl Bis’ new ‘Dokkaebi’, full of Korean colors, left a strong first impression. Currently, many domestic game companies are expanding their base as a PC and console be beyond the stagnant mobile game, and Gameskom, which has received a good response, may have been evaluated as the best place to appeal to overseas gamers.

If you look at the surface of the game, the configuration is not easy. First of all, Craepon will showcase its new Calisto Protocol and Project M. The Calisto Protocol is the original dead space, and is a new horror, which is overlooked by the dense Glans Scofield, and Project M is a SF-based turn-based strategy of SF, a subnotyca developer. New videos and new information will be released at the Opening Night Live, which will be held on August 23, and you can demonstrate ‘Project M’ at the GameSom’s booth.

Neowiz will then exhibit its own developing work, the False of P, and the publishing title AKA. The false of the P offers a two-hour experience version from the XBOX booth and Neowiz alone booth, and Choi Ji-won, who is in charge of false development of P in the Xbox online showcase, participates in the ASK Me Anything. Subsequently, Aka, which deals with the mental recovery of the retired soldier, will be exhibited at the Indiana Booth, which exhibits indie games selected by the Gamescom organizer.

In addition, Pearl Abyss will be able to verify the game by introducing the Red Desert to partners who are not general visitors this year. Subsequently, Nexon and Line Games, who participate in Game Som online this year, will also exhibit their new PCs and console titles. Nexon exhibits the new Root Shooter ‘First Discendant’, the third-person shooting ‘Bail Expert’ and the marine adventure ‘Dave the Diver’, while Line Games will release a new video of the medieval fantasy TPS ‘Quantum Nights’.

Lastly, there is a common hall operated by the Korea Creative Content Agency (Corn Jinwon) and Indie Craft. Congjinwon Community is a B2B target for 15 locations in PCs, mobile, consoles, and AR/VR. Indie Craft will then announce the event and domestic indie games through the on-site booth, and hold a virtual game show online during the Gamescom.

The new information is pouring out from the opening night live.

This year, Gamescom will be online broadcasts that deliver major news from 23rd to 26th with the on-site exhibition from 24th to 28th. First of all, on the 23rd, ‘Game Spom Opening Night Live’ will be held hosted by Jeff Kay, famous for the summer game fest and the game award organizer. More than 30 new works will be introduced for two hours, and online broadcasts are broadcast on Gamescom’s official YouTube and Twitch channels.

Major lineups include Calisto Protocol, Unun Unun Walls, along with Sonic Frontier, Hogwarts Legacy, Outlast Trial, Gotham Knights, Collapse Star Rail, Goat Simulator 3, and Return to Monkey Island. The Expense: TellTale Series is also released.

On the 24th, the ‘Future Game Show’ hosted by Overseas Game Game Game Sradar will be held. On the 26th, Awesome Indies will be held, which will focus on the new indie game exhibited in Game Scom.

This year, Gamescom is the only Xbox among the three console platforms, while Sony and Nintendo are absent. XBOX will showcase the first parties and third parties such as Mojang and Obsidian through the XBOX Live Streaming, which will be held at the Gamescom on the 25th. In addition, panties, Age of Empires 4, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Sea of Subs, Ground, P’s False, Flag Tail: Requiem, Disney Dream Light Valley, Gunfire Ribbon 36 Exhibit the species.

In addition, the online broadcast GameCom Studio will be held from the 24th to the 26th. On the 24th, Pospoken, Calisto Protocol, Flag Tail: Requiem, Skull & Bones, Steel Rising, Street Fighter 6, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Square Pants Sponge Bob: The Cosmic Shake Rising, on the 26th, Company of Heroes 3, Gungrave Gore, and System Shock Remake are compressed into the main titles.

There is also a side event held with GameSombon. First of all, the conference ‘Devcom’ will be held for developers from 22nd to 23rd. In addition, the Gamekom event site is operated by Mertro Game Demonstration Space, Blizzard Gear, Konami, and Square Enix, and the Mercure Dinging (Game Goods) Sales Space is operated. The GamesCom City Festival will be held.