PLAION (formerly KOCH MEDIA) game label Prime Matter has announced that it will release the horror action adventure game The Chant on November 3 (Japan time November 4). Compatible platforms are PC (Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S. The PC and overseas console version will be released on November 4, and the domestic console version will be released this year.
[Update 2022/8/19 18:40]
Adjust the description of the release date in conjunction with the domestic press release

THE CHANT is a horror action adventure game from a third-person perspective. The stage will be the remote island GLORY ISLAND. The protagonist Jessica is invited by her friend and participates in the retreat (training camp) of the religious organization PRISMIC SCIENCE on the island. Believers who arrive at Jessica who arrived on the island. However, the failure of the Prismic Science ritual has opened the darkness dimension that feeds negative energy. The purpose of this work is to persuade the survivors while rejecting the mysterious creatures released from the darkness and solve the truth hidden on the island. It is a work that combines the elements of Cosmic Horror, represented by Cthulhu mythology and the elements of the 1970s New Age Cult.

In order to survive, the protagonist is exploring the island while collecting and crafting items. In this work, a spiritual weapon and abilities are prepared as a means of attack, instead of a modern firearm. In the battle with dark creatures and believers, the protagonist also uses special power. To protect yourself from threats, you need to increase your concentration with meditation and get psychic abilities.

The development of this work is the BRASS TOKEN studio in Canada. This is the first development title of the studio. The studio seems to be focusing on game development that makes full use of various shooting technology. In the cast introduction video of this work, the motion shooting of the cut scene in the work is released. In addition, it is said that it incorporates techniques such as 3D scanning and photo glametry (technology for creating a 3D model of the subject from multiple photos) in the game development. I would like to look forward to the graphic of this work that was influenced by the psychedelic horror of the 1970s.

The THE CHANT PC/overseas console version will be released on November 3 (Japan time November 4).