GAME*SPARK editorial department recommends three specials in the 5th week of June 5th!

This week, the survival horror TORMENTED SOULS inspired by the cooperative adventure BLANC , Resident Events and Silent Hill depicting the bonds between small wolves and deer. There are three breeding action RPG the Lord of the Parties .


This work is a cooperative adventure game ** that depicts the story of the bond between the deer and wolf that has become lost. The two, who have been separated from each family due to the sudden blizzard, travel together on the snow and pursue their family’s footprints.

The magnificent worldview represented by this work is drawn in a hand-drawn art with only white and black color, and the story development that does not use any characters is drawn into the story.

The only operation method is only two buttons and the movement key. Each player still operates small deer and wolf, and overcomes the strict natural weather and the obstacles that stand out. It is also compatible with offline local play, online cooperative play, and Steam also supports Remote Play Together.


The domestic Nintendo Switch version of the survival horror adventure TORMENTED SOULS ** inspired by the Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Alone in the Dark series, etc. will be released in July 28 Was announced.

This work is a return-to-work work that adds a twist to a good old adventure from a fixed perspective and arranged in a modern style. It is said that the classic design is intentionally adopted, and the masterpieces have left the loved points as they are. The player operates the heroine’s Caroline and searches for a mansion where evil is lurking.

The progress of the game needs to capture not only battles but also puzzle elements. Check the surroundings well, combine items, and use everything that can be used to unravel the mystery of the mansion.

The Lord of the Parties

Set in the royal road fantasy world 2D vertical scroll shooting RPG THE LORD OF THE PARTIES has started on June 30, 2022. This work depicts the story of an elf girl who jumped out of the village to find her father who suddenly disappeared, and a boy who dreams of a hero who helps it.

The official genre is slapstick fellow proliferation action RPG , and by rescue adventurers who are trapped during the battle, they will fight together as friends. It is a so-called Ichiki Ten Shooting, but the player operates the entire party at once instead of operating one character. The party member who is hit by a bullet will temporarily leave, but it seems that the adventure will continue if one person remains in the party.

In addition, facilities such as restaurants, training centers, blacksmiths, and inns unique to fantasy RPGs have also appeared. By using each facility, you can gain experience and strengthen equipment. In addition, the official support ambassador Hime Kuma Ribon is participating as a free DLC, and you can challenge limited quests.