What sort of event is that? In Pokémon GO, an unique community day is organized every month. With this, a specific Pokémon is after that concentrated on and spawnt for a duration of 3 hrs anywhere in the video game.

Additionally, the event is updated with various benefits as well as the Shiny allocation is likewise boosted for the C-Day Pokémon. On Saturday the time has returned as well as you can meet the unight and dragon Pokémon Kapuno. Listed below we have actually summed up all the essential details about the Community Day with Kapuno.

On June 25, 2022, Inpokémon Go of the Community Day with Kapuno will take place. We at MeinMMO reveal you what unique features await you on now and also describe how you can best use the occasion.

Community Day in June 2022-Start, Boni and Shiny

You require this to be able to establish your capuno through Duodino right into Trikephalo as well as thus protect the exclusive loading strike. If you additionally have a strong copy, you can upgrade it quicker.

What? Community Day with Kapuno
When? Saturday, June 25, 2022, from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. local time
Pokémon of the day: Kapuno, spawns a lot more typically in the wild
Special attack: Wirler if your duodino develops as much as 5 hours after the event to Trikephalo
– Added special exchange as much as 5 hours after the event (3 per day).
-50 % much less star dirt prices in exchange (approximately 5 hrs after the occasion).
– slip eggs 4 times as quick
– Lock modules as well as smoke last 3 hours
– Shocks in snapshots
– Dual candy when catching
– Double possibility of XL candies if your Kapuno catches
– Capuno sticker labels made from presents and also when turning on the Pokéstop.
– Bonus offer raid fights from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Why should you make use of mega developments? If you have triggered a huge growth, you will get an added sweet when catching Pokémon of the same type. In the meantime, you can even activate Mega-Pokémon if you have actually already created it with the aid of the mega power.

With the exemption of individual perks that exceed the real occasion, such as the reduced celebrity dirt when exchanging, the added special exchange and the special event assault, you can utilize all various other rewards for the full 3 hours of the Community Day once again.

You can review which paths you likewise get spheres in Pokémon Go in our guide.

Benefit raid battles: In addition to the perks stated, there will be one more reward after the Community Day: the bonus raid fights. Pokémon Go brings you back the Degree 4 Raids, yet with a limitation.

If you desire to use the entire community day with Kapuno, you must have at the very least 200 balls in your product bag. You can catch for a while as well as do not have to frequently transform quits and arenas.

It is best to speak on your own to close friends ahead of time if you want to utilize the raids with duodino after the community day. Unlike you recognize this from other raids, you can not welcome close friends to Fern-Raids. It is for that reason a good idea to think of that you intend to invade with each other prior to the C-Day.

You can fight versus Duodino from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. local time. Nonetheless, engagement is only feasible with raid passes or premium fight passes. You can not do far-off raids and as a result have to play directly on the arena.

Here you will discover the 20 best counterattack against Duodino in the RAID guide.

Community Day Meetups: If you don’t want to play the Community Day alone, you can likewise satisfy other fitness instructors as part of the Community Day Meetups. These happen once again in the form of online events in 11 German cities. Here you can review where you can discover them:.

Also those that desire to deal with versus Duodino in the Raids afterwards can utilize a mega-Pokémon, which strengthens their assaults. Consequently, it is most definitely rewarding to have actually activated the best mega-Pokémon during the Community Day.

Conversely, you can utilize mega-ampharos, mega-latias as well as mega-latios, as these are component of the kind of dragon. The Unlicht-Pokémon Mega-Glurak X, Mega-Garados, Huge dogemon and also mega-absol are also appropriate for pure catches.

Things that you should make use of for the Community Day with Kapuno.

  • Event ticket for special research Feldnotizen: Kapuno for about 1 euro.
  • All tasks and also benefits for unique research.
  • Capuno hat for your avatar for 150 Poké coins.
  • Community Day Box with 50 hyperballs, 5 super brood makers, a leading charging TM and also 5 fortunate eggs for 1,350 Poké coins.

Special group bonus offer: .
– If sufficient Pokémon are captured on a Pokéstop with Lockmodule, then spawn duodino there.

More ideas on the Community Day with Kapuno.

However, the rounds alone are not adequate to optimally utilize the Community Day. If you desire to capture a great deal of capuno, you must also have smoke and also lock components with you. Sananabies should not be missing on now to farm a great deal of sugary foods.

In order to make ideal use the Community Day with Kapuno, it likewise makes sense to accomplish the right mega growth for the occasion as well as use PAM as a buddy.

Considering that Kapuno belongs to the individuals unlight and dragon as well as you will certainly capture lots of it throughout the event, this is the suitable chance to create your PAM into Pandagro.

So you can efficiently make use of the Community Day with Kapuno.

Prepare you: As prior to every occasion, you should likewise make numerous prep work for the Community Day with Kapuno. Certainly, this mostly includes that you make sufficient space in your Pokémon storage space. So arrange your beasts prior to the real occasion to conserve important time on Saturday.

Offers in the Ingame Shop: You can also secure one or the various other bonus in the Ingame store:.

As a benefit, you not only expect an experience with Duodino afterwards, however you will likewise gain around the arena for half an hour of wild Kapuno generates at a distance of 300 meters. The Shiny chance should be as high as with the real C-Day.

You must additionally have adequate premium battle passes with you if you desire to play Degree 4 Raids after the Community Day. However, your Fern Raid passes do not bring you anything about these raids.

Kapuno and also Duodino are among the men unlick and also dragon, which is why they are especially weak versus attacks by the type fairy. Additionally combating, beetle, dragon and ice enemies are bothering him. It is therefore best to make use of huge altaria, since this is a dragon and also fairy Pokémon.


** Why is Pam-Pam rewarding as a friend? You have to take it in advance to the buddy Pokémon as well as capture a particular number of unlightly Pokémon.

is the Community Day beneficial with Kapuno?

Exists Shiny-Kapuno? Yes, you can also catch Shiny-Kapuno. You recognize this by his green body. To Community Days, the Shiny quotas for the corresponding beast are usually raised, which is why you have an excellent chance of fulfilling a stunning capuno.

Who should utilize the C-Day with Kapuno? Kapuno was a Pokémon so much, which was only sometimes found in the wilderness of Pokémon Go.

Anybody that still needs a solid unlayed opponent for Raids should consequently not miss the Community Day with Kapuno. Shiny seekers will also obtain their money’s worth on now.

Exactly how strong are Kapuno and also his more growths? The unlightly and dragon Pokémon Kapuno originates from the fifth game generation and also can be additional turned into Trikephalo through Duodino. Even the little beast is not especially strong. Duodino can just assert itself in 54th area in the extremely organization.

Additionally, the sweet benefit supplies the choice of farming a great deal of candies and XL candies from Kapuno in order to finally upgrade Trikephalo. Due to the decreased exchange expenses, it is likewise worth exchanging some Capuno and also thus obtaining the opportunity of a lucky kapuno.

It is various with Trikephalo. This monster can score with high strike and endurance worths. According to the PVPoke in the master league, the Pokémon just makes it to 68th, however is among the very best opponents in Pokémon Go in regards to Raids.

Just how do you like the content of the Community Day with Kapuno? Are you going to make use of the special duodino raids?

After the Community Day with Kapuno, trainers in Berlin have the possibility to satisfy their favored web content developer on the guided excursions. We show you who gets on website and who you can also dirt off an autograph from Berlin.

On June 25, 2022, Inpokémon Go of the Community Day with Kapuno will take place. In Pokémon GO, an unique community day is organized every month. Community Day Meetups: If you don’t want to play the Community Day alone, you can likewise satisfy other instructors as component of the Community Day Meetups. Prepare you: As before every occasion, you must also make different preparations for the Community Day with Kapuno. If you desire to utilize the entire community day with Kapuno, you ought to have at the very least 200 spheres in your item bag.