** -made, strengthening publicity ahead of its launch on the 23rd of

-TV advertisement, city billboards, bus and subway advertisements before launch

-Not disclosure of new advertisements that appear actors Oh Jung-se and Cho Soo-min through Google Play

WeMade’s MMORPG Mir M: Vanguard & Baga Bond (Mir M) is doing its best to announce its new work ahead of its launch. In addition to TV commercials, advertisements on large-scale billboards, buses and subways are focused on preparing for the launch of Mir M, three days before the launch.

In particular, Wemade is actively using its official YouTube channel. In the video of ‘Preparation for the Legend’, which conveyed the birth of , the characters in the game carve the dragon on the stone gate, and plant the grass on the rock wall to make the ball and plant the balls. I drew. Wemade expressed his long periods of time to showcase Mir M.

The second video shows the concept of ‘Meet Mir’s Artisan’ and introduces the core system of , which is the strengthening/craftsman, grid battle, and vehicle. Despite the short amount of 15 seconds, the core point of the game was tactfully expressed, focusing attention on the game. These videos were screened not only through YouTube but also through terrestrial TV commercials, raising awareness and image to the public.

On May 31, the showcase was carried out through YouTube Live to amplify the users’ attention. In the showcase, Korean luxury actor Hwang Jung-min appeared as a guide, increasing the immersion of the world in the game with high quality acting. Live broadcasts showed gameplay and asked us to question and answer users.

In addition, Mir M introduced the main contents of the main contents into three stages of ▲ early game, mid-game, and end-game to users through YouTube video. Before playing the game, I tried to improve the understanding of users before the official release of the game through a video that explains the ‘mandala’ or ‘master’ with in-game screen.

At the same time, promotion through outdoor advertising is continuing. Not only is it actively targeting places with a large floating population by conducting outdoor advertisements in major areas in Seoul, including Gangnam Station and Gwanghwamun area, as well as the subway station of Gangnam Station and Pangyo Station and bus advertisements around the city. Marketing is focused until the release date.

Wemade has also released a new TV commercial. is an advertisement that contains a message that you can enjoy the style that suits your tastes among ‘war’ and ‘adventure’. Actor Oh Jung-se and Cho Soo-min appeared in the background of the ice cream shop. Advertising can be found on television and Google Play YouTube.

Meanwhile, Wemade’s new MMORPG will be officially released at 0 o’clock on the 23rd.