In Chivalry 2, there are all types of medieval weapons that can be used against enemies, but none of them can be compared with a pot of oil, which may well be weapons of mass destruction.

A pot with butter is a throwing object, like a grenade, but with double destruction. He spreads burning oil in a large radius, where all enemies, stupid enough to cross the border, burn to the ground. You can potentially destroy a whole group of enemies by simply lobbying their pan with butter.

The next leadership will tell you how to use a pot with oil in Chivalry 2.

how to use an oil pot in chivalry 2

You need to be a crusader or devastator to equip an oil pot in Chivalry 2. They are subclasses of a knight and avant-garde, respectively. The knight, in particular, can use the oil pot as an initial ability if you unlocked the crusader’s subclass.

To use an oil pot, you must first charge it. You can charge the ability by causing damage or killing enemies and healing teammates. You can follow the circle of progression in the lower left corner of the screen. As soon as this circle is filled, your pot with butter will be ready for use.

Firstly, you must equip a pot with butter by pressing a D-PAD on the controller or 4 on the keyboard. You will hold a pot with butter in your left hand, while your right hand will still hold your main weapon.

Then you can throw a pot with butter in the same way as you throw a grenade by pressing both shoulder bumper on the controller or the G key on the keyboard.

You can throw a pot with butter up to 15 feet. His blow will create a flame in a certain radius, where all caught enemies will receive huge damage from combustion, which ignores the armor. Thus, the oil pot is a rather useful weapon against armored classes, such as knights and avant-garde.

How to make a pot with oil more useful

You can definitely use the pan much more creatively so that everything works. You can use them, for example, to create a funnel.

It can be a protective measure that is used in order to prevent enemies from entering the region. You can slow them down or prevent them from going into the area that you do not want them to enter.

You can also use oil pots to defeat the enemy lord in the Battle of the Gloomy Forest. It becomes difficult to defeat the defenders because they protect their Lord, and this makes the player very difficult. You can use the pot to damage the Lord, which will make him move to a position where you can easily attack him.