During the third season, Fortnite Chapter 3 scattered over the entire island, five seven avanposts were scattered, because two of them were destroyed when this season began. All of them are patrolled by friendly NPCs.

Seven non-game characters hang out on the advance, but there are not many reasons to visit them in the third season. Below is a map of the island, where each avantost is marked with a red circle.

all seven outposts


Seven outposts of I *: This avantost was lost due to changes on this map.
Seven Avvanposts II : This Avvanpost is located northwest of the logjam sawmill, at the top of the mountain. The only reliable way to get here is to go to the north-east of Wreck Ravine and go upstairs. Otherwise, you will have to lay your way up.
Seven Avvanposts III : This Avvanpost is located north-east of The Daily Bugle and east of The Temple. This advanpost is on the sidelines and very close to the coast. Most people do not land so far, you will be in complete solitude, so you can just come here from the temple.

Seven Avvanposts IV *: This Avvanpost is located southeast of the Chongker racing highway, very close to the coast. It can be a desert, and there is not so much here, but it is a popular landing zone, so be prepared for battle if you land here.
Seven Avvanposts V : This Avvanpost is located southwest of Rave Cave. This is a good place to have a sniper and aim at Rave Cave, but we noticed that players often stay here after visiting Rave Cave, so be prepared for battle.
Seven Avvanposts VI : This avantopost was lost due to changes on the map.
* Seven Avvanposts VII : This Avvanpost is located on the island on the coast, east of the sanctuary and northeast of the Johns. The fund usually hangs out here, so you can find it outside the building, if you need it. It is also a popular landing place, so you will always see players here.

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