Kojima Hedeo, the father of the Metal Gear series and Death Stranding, said he is preparing for his next work with XBOX Game Studio.

Kojima Hideo announced the recent statues at the official statue for a long time through the Xbox Bethesda Game Showcase 2022 event on YouTube on the 13th. Kojima Hideo, who appeared as a video with the introduction of Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer, said that he is preparing the next film of Kojima Productions he founded with Xbox Game Studio. It is contrary to the previous work and the first game of Kojima Productions, Death Stranding with Sony.

The new work of Kojima Productions is being produced using Xbox cloud gaming technology. Kojima Hideo explained, The new project will be a completely new game that has never been seen anywhere. It is not known for the details, including the title of the game currently being produced.

For more information on the new work, which Kojima Productions and XBOX Game Studios will be together, will be released later.