A well-made play in League of Legends is always something incredible to see , be it a game that happened by chance or one that shows incredible mechanical skills. This time, the highlight is a dispute between Yone and Zed, which was so fierce that he is able to tense anyone when looking. The duel was shared in Reddit and would easily be in those YouTube videos of The 10 most popular anime fights.

Yone and Zed’s fight that came directly from a shonen

The play was published in Reddit by the user U/Weaboossei and already accumulates more than four thousand interactions, in which the LOL player, who is also streamer, plays as Zed and lives moments of real tension in the bot Lane of the invoker crack. The dispute lasted almost thirty seconds: it seems little, but seeing the play you can see that the players used all possible resources.

In the end, Zed was winner, who still without being carried away by the common power of friendship that strengthens the protagonists in the anime, managed to leave Yasuo’s brother. And I say without the power of friendship because an ally had just taken the vote to surrender in the game (Naruto and Luffy would be embarrassed).

In the publication, the other users spoke with different reactions, some praised the skills of dodge present in combat, others put themselves in the place and thought they would not survive a duel like this, much less to eliminate.


The murderers in the Moba are going through controversial moments: Katarina is an example of a champion who considers himself abusive inside the invoker’s crack, fortunately Riot Games already moved and implemented Nerfs in Noxiana in the PBE. With the implementation of patch 12.11 in League of Legends, changes in explosive damage champions were expected, but the developer changed my mind moments before and decided to wait to see how the murderers will behave in the game in the new update.