Individual developer JESS officially announced Rabbit at the online showcase event WHOLESOME DIRECT. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and iOS/Android, which will be released in early 2023. In addition, a public beta version for mobile will be distributed around the end of 2022.

Rabbit is a rabbit gathering game. Became a carrier on the uninhabited island to color the island and gather cute visitors. Touch the rabbits drawn with a warm graphic and heal to the fullest.

Players can buy toys and build buildings to color the uninhabited islands, so that curious rabbits can come to play. The type of rabbit to be visited changes depending on how to decorate and place. Rabbits can interact with rabbits, such as feeding, stroking, and brushing. In addition, you can make an album with photos. It seems that carrots are used for replacing placement. In the trailer, you can also see how carrot acquired carrots by interacting with rabbits.


It is said that this work has been developed from Okunojima, Hiroshima Prefecture with hints on titles and settings. Okunojima is an uninhabited island (with residents) inhabited by hundreds of rabbits, and is known as a rabbit island. In this work, the healing surrounded by rabbits is likely to be a title that can be enjoyed as a game. It is also influenced by healing games such as Cat Atsume and Animal Crossing. In addition to this work, it is designed with digital art tool KRITA, and it seems that Godot Engine is used as a game engine.

Rabbit will be released in early 2023 for PC (Steam) and iOS/Android.