The true PC game, ** PC Building Simulator 2, which plays a PC to make a PC on PC, started its open beta through the Epic Games Store.

Epic Games released a new video of PC production simulator 2 produced by Spiral House through its online event Epic Games Store showcase on the 11th and announced the start of open beta.

The previous work, which was released in 2019, has become very popular for its unique idea of implementing the PC assembly process as a game and the realistic assembly process. In particular, gamers who are difficult to find in reality at the price of graphics cards, which have risenly high, solved the desire for PC assembly through the game.

This work, which implements various parts that exist in collaboration with famous IT companies in the game, offers improved RGB settings, custom cases, GPUs, RAMs, and motherboards with cooling blocks. In particular, RGB lighting provides more options through improved rendering technology and realistically implemented light implementation.

On the other hand, the developers provide an option to share the fields produced in PC Simulator 2 in PCBS file format. This allows you to show your own PC in various ways to other players.

The open beta version of PC Production Simulator 2 will be available free of charge from 11 to 20, and the official version will be released through the Epic Games Store at the end of 2022.