The lost sectors are small dungeons, where the guards break through the crowds of enemies in order to pick up their protected prey in the end. With the release of the Beyond Light expansion, Bungie introduced Legend Lost Sectors. Changing daily, for each single passage in the Legend or Master modes is a chance to get a part of exotic armor.


Location of the lost sector Skydock IV

Skydock IV can be found in EMZ north of Firebase Hades in the West. Guardians should appear on the sunken islands and go under a moor-welded boat ship. Just go west and look for a tunnel under the ship. The entrance will be on the right, face west.

Exotic items Skydock IV Master Lost SecTOR

Dawn choir *: exotic helmet of the criminal
Mask Bakrisa : exotic helmet of a hunter
precious scars : exotic titanium helmet
bad ranger *: exotic helmet of a hunter
Lorelee helmet of the splendor *: exotic helmet of the titanium

As for the time costs, this lost sector can be passed in about five minutes when playing alone on legend. There will be barrier as well as unhealthy champions, so bring the appropriate mods to confront them. It is easy to resist the uncontrollable with the help of Enigma glef, and the barrier can be turned off using a reliable heavy and impulse rifle, such as Dzhuju’s diet to burst a bubble. By the time you get to the last room, you should have super, ready to destroy the final boss.

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