Electronic Arts and the Battlefield development team have just unveiled the content of the first season past of the very controversial Battlefield 2042 game. Thus, in the ” Battlefield 2042 Season 1: Zero Hour ” You will find a new card, a New specialist, new vehicles and new additions for your arsenal.

The new Exposure card brings you to Canadian rocks where you will have to browse an extreme vertical environment. This will give rise to intense-to-air clashes and intense infantry fights. This card will be available in ” All-out Warfare ” and Portal ‘modes.

In addition to a new card, you can play the character of Ewelin Lis, the new specialist who is an expert in the fight against vehicles. Ewelina Lis enlisted in the Polish elite forces (GROM) at the age of 21. This devoted, reckless and honorable fighter is capable of overcoming (or destroying) all obstacles. She will use her skills in order to hunt down and brand on the map the armored vehicles which are at a certain distance. In addition, it will be able to use its G-84 TGM armed with remote-controlled missile to explode air and land vehicles.

Thanks to season 1, you can also manage new vehicles including the RAH-68 HURON as well as the YG-99 HANNIBAL GunSHIPS. You can also use the Ghostmaker R10 crossbow, the BSV-M DMR and a new smoke launcher.

It is therefore an appointment in the battlefield on June 9 with the arrival of the Pass Season 1 Zero Hour which will also correct some bugs.

To access the free seasons pass, you must have done all the Battlefield 2042 updates. The premium season pass is sold separately, you will therefore have to have all the updates, bought it. If you had taken the ” Gold ‘or’ ‘ultimate’ ‘versions, the season 1 pass is included with your version of the game.