It doesn’t matter how friendly it seems Minecraft , it has enough enemies to make your life impossible at any time. The Wither is one of the most peculiar, that’s why I tell you how to hunt him. Prepare your team!

Wither in Minecraft: How to find and defeat it

Whiter is an enemy that can appear anywhere, in any world. The peculiarity he has with the rest of the enemies is that you must invoke it , so in principle you can choose the combat terrain. He is quite violent and has an aggressive combat style.

Before invoking him, you should know that he is one of the most challenging opponents of survival mode, with permission from Ender Dragon. To invoke the Wither you need to collect 3 Wither skeleton heads and 4 soul sand blocks .

  • The heads you can get them from the Wither skeletons in Nether’s strengths.
  • The sand blocks are found in the Nether.

Once you have everything, build the Wither… literally. Place the T-shaped sand blocks and the 3 heads on the top, as I show you in the image.

Once invoked, the fight begins. The first thing you should keep in mind is that His attacks by him cause you Wither State , an effect similar to poisoning, with the difference that he recovers the life you lose. The less he hits you, the better. It is advisable to have a good shield and an arc for remote attacks.


He takes advantage of the arrows during the first half of the fight, because he activates an antiphlecha shield to lose the first half of life. The good news is that he also stops flying, so it is time to move on to the shield and the sword. He will make the same set of movements as the first phase, but now from the ground. The key is hit while you turn , for example.

Assuming you have what you have to have to kill the Wither, you get a Abyssal Star . It is a very peculiar material with a brightness similar to the Ender eye and that can only be destroyed by fire, lava or cactus. It does not have many more utilities. It is not a struggle or a reward as good as those of Ender Dragon, but it certainly represents a challenge.

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