With Solar 3.0 in Destiny 2, many guards play with assemblies consisting of various available abilities, aspects and fragments. However, keen guards noticed that not all fragments are available. Emmber from empires , Embers Char , Coal of ash and also ember miracles are currently not available, despite their list in fragments of Solar 3.0. Other fragments can be purchased from icore in the tower, it is very similar to how VOID 3.0 was processed when The Witch Queen was released.

In a confusing movement, Bangs announced that she would hold a competition for unlocking the remaining fragments. As soon as the guards complet the 20 million nightmare containment, the remaining fragments will be available for purchase.

Please note that each separate completion of the guards is considered one for one, so the more in each copy of the event, the better. Currently, Bungie has not made any further announcements about the progress of the task or whether it is possible to track it. Until this happens, the guards will have to stay tight.

The situation is aggravated by the fact that some old players have access to fragments. It was an unintentional mistake that Bungie decided not to correct. If you are one of those few lucky ones, enjoy playing with fragments. Let’s hope that soon everyone will get access to them.

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