Expanding Minecraft's Deep Dark Into An Entire Dimension!
Mojang Studios, which develops “ minecraft “, announced on the official website that it will distribute the next update “The Wild Update” on June 7, local time.

In this update, new MOBs and mud blocks such as frogs and tadpoles will be added, and new biomes called “DEEP DARK”, “Ancient City” and “Mangrove Swamp” will be added.

“DEEP DARK” is characterized by the creation of a block called Sculk, which is generated deep underground. In addition, this biome also has a new Mob called Warden, and a new structure, Ancient City, may be generated.

This new MOB called Warden seems to be set as a very powerful MOB such as 500 physical strength and attack power, and it is said that the development is also a key.

In addition, new elements such as fireflies and mud blocks have been added, and especially the mud blocks change from clay due to the combination of stanotite blocks, so some changes in the game environment, such as clay as a recycled resource. It is being done.

The next update will be distributed on June 7 local time. PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux)/Windows Bedrock Edition/Xbox Bedrock Edition/PS/Nintendo Switch/iOS/Android is targeted.